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Apple Announce ARKit, An Augmented Reality App Platform

A number of iOS games and apps already include a basic version of augmented reality but now Apple have announced ARKit which will bring enhanced AR capabilities to the next version of the operating system. ARKit will use the camera, motion sensors, and new algorithms to process depth and light rendering.

To demo the new software Apple showed Wingnut AR, which placed a full battle on a coffee table, an enhanced version of Pokémon Go which allowed the balls and creatures to interact with the real world background, and a Batman LEGO symbol.

Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook has described AR as the next “big idea” on par with the invention of the smartphone. That sounds a little over the top to me, but with the launch of the new operating system Apple will instantly have the largest AR platform in the world.

Source: 9to5Mac

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  1. the next “big idea”
    Where’s Tim Cook been hiding the last six years? the Vita had AR when it launched back in 2011! Even my old xperia mobile had an AR app, which I never used except to try it out once.

    • Yeah, except it wasn’t put into practice back then was it? No one treated it as the next big idea. It was just a bonus feature of packages that were aimed at doing other things.

      Technology has evolved to the point where fluid AR is feasible and potentially very practical. It could well be the next big thing if in practical application Apple can pull it off with their platform and Microsoft nail it with HoloLens.

      • Some of the AR games on the Vita were pretty good technically, but a bit childish for my liking.

  2. It’s been over 10 years now that Apple brought anything relevant to the market. They’ve resorted to marketing only and ripping off fans and developers. I’d be very surprised if anything halfway relevant came out of this.

    • Yeah I’m with you, though I do love my iPhone and gaze longingly through the Apple Store window at their laptops and iPads, I reckon their range is best described as ‘extremely good’ rather than revolutionary. To be fair to them it doesn’t look like they’re pushing AR as a new thing, and they’ve also announced some sort of VR integration into the next Mac OS, and there’s plenty of other sensible steps forward they’re taking in order not to be left behind by Google and Android. Like this file thing, and the AirPlay 2 music queueing that Sonos has done for years, that had better be on the iPhone software or my and my amazing 7 year old AirPlay speakers are gonna be bloody annoyed!

  3. Gonna be interesting. People will strap on a VR headset for the purpose of isolation and immersion, but like with 3Dtv i can’t really see folks wanting to wear special glasses for the AR experience.

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