Limited Gold And Silver PlayStation 4 Consoles Confirmed For EU

Joining the leaked gold PlayStation 4 Slim will be a surprise guest, the silver PlayStation 4 Slim. Our American pals are getting 1TB models but over here in ‘Fortress PlayStation’ we get 500gb versions for no reason whatsoever.

Each metallic console will be accompanied by two matching Dualshock 4 wireless controllers, and the gold and silver controllers will also be available separately.

The extra shiny consoles go on sale on June 28th and join the classic black and glacier white PlayStation 4’s.

Source: EU PS Blog

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  1. Nice, silver is way more appealing and way less nineties. Can anyone recommend a 2tb drive for a PS4? 1tb is not enough for me anymore and I think we can all agree 500gb isn’t adequate either.

    • Why not use an external hard drive instead. Can get far more space.

    • When I first got my ps4 however I did buy this one:

      It was £20 cheaper Xmas 2015 though. Works perfectly fine and just as quick as the original hard drive. Still going strong today.

    • Thanks for that mate. External would be perfect except for toddlers, two of them! Internal would just be less likely to get destroyed :)

      • I’ve got 2 of these one that I took out of casing and put in my PS3 and then in my PS4 now the Pro,the other is used as external

      • Did the same here. Bought an external (with the right sized drive in it) and cracked it open – slapping the drive into the PS4. Just make sure you read about the height limitations. I think the limitation is 9.5 mm or less which many of them are.

        For some bizarre reason, ripping out a HDD from the external was a far cheaper option so keep your eyes peeled for anything. :-)

      • Yep strange it’s dearer without a case,you also have to be careful as some can be opened but not used as the connection is literally part of the drive,whereas the one above is just a strip with the connection for the cable on that you pull off and bung the drive in the PS4.

  2. Silver looks really nice. There is a reason why we get 500gb models, they had to meet a target price point, and post brexit Britain, our economy is screwed. Dropping the HDD size met the price point.

    Be careful who you vote for on Thursday, with a hard brexit, it’s only going to get worse…

    • What we need to do is man up and go in hard!!! I know who will be getting my vote tomorrow. There’s no way on this planet it’s gonna be Corbyn and his ex lover Thulsa Doom… I mean, Diane Abbott.

  3. It isn’t Brexit, Trump, the Russians or any other such nonsense. There simply isn’t any competition in the UK. PS4 is the console of choice and it will sell just fine with a 500GB HDD. Shipping the PS4 with a 1TB HDD will have no effect on sales whatsoever. If Sony can save money using the 500GB HDD, they sure as hell will.

    • AHH, the old competition is good for everyone myth.

      What you are essentially saying is you want increased competition to benefit you , but you want someone else to buy the infer competing products.

      • There is no greater myth than Brexit being the cause of all that is wrong in the world.

        I would argue the hilariously childish behaviour of our EU leaders has done more damage than the vote itself.

        Their behaviour following the result of the referendum leaves little doubt in my mind that our vote to leave the EU, was the right one. We are not dealing with a rational, intelligent leadership but the ‘wronged’, emotionally unstable party of a bad breakup. Like a lover scorned, incapable of reasoning or compromise. It’s their way or the highway. A trait most left-wing fascists seemingly possess.

        Brexit could potentially be very successful for the UK but those opposed to the idea will do everything within their power to make the process as difficult as possible, in a desperate bid to see it fail. Just as desperate liberals in the US will do everything within their power to see Trump fail.

        It sets a dangerous precedent for future elections and for Democracy as a whole. If you don’t like the result of an election, kick, scream, victimise, vandalise and undermine. Make those with opposing views the enemy. Vive la Démocratie! Yes, the sense of entitlement is strong within our misguided youth.

        Anyway, I fear we may have gone off track.

      • I’m with JR on this one.

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