[UPDATE] Sony Sell 3 Million PlayStations In One Month, Microsoft Engage For 3.9 Billion Hours

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai has been speaking at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, colloquially known as CES, and has revealed that the company have now sold over 53.4 million PlayStation 4 consoles.

As Sony had previously reported sales of 50 million consoles on December 6th then it’s easy to work out that the Japanese giant has shifted over 3.4 million consoles in less than one month. Sadly they did not split the figures so we don’t know how many of these are PS4 Pros, and figures for PlayStation VR were not revealed. Software sales were also superb with 50.4 million units in both physical and digital media.


Data the whole holiday period from the start of November reveals over 6.2 million consoles sold, a fantastic result for Sony. We await Microsoft’s announcement of how many users they have “engaged”, or whatever made up metric they are measuring Xbox against these days.

UPDATE: Never one to let me down, Microsoft have posted that “in November and December we saw Xbox Live engagement reach an all-time high of 3.9 billion hours, up 23 percent compared to the prior year.”

Microsoft also posted that the “Xbox One S was among the top-selling consumer products this holiday in many markets,” before the tech giant revealed how many Xbox One consoles had been sold.

Just joshing. Instead they told us that “Fans created over 2.4 million personalized Xbox Wireless Controller designs via Xbox Design Lab in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.”

Source: CNBC / Microsoft

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  1. Looks like a lot of people got one for Christmas. Santa would’ve needed a heck of a big sleigh to deliver them.

  2. Let’s hope Microsoft don’t use the same measuring system i use to measure myself with. You soon get found out.

  3. Oof, that’s a lot, good job Sony! I guess they didn’t reveal the VR figures because the answer would just be ‘every one we made’, after which comes the awkward question ‘how many did you make?’.

  4. That is an incredible accomplishment. Remember when all of those fools said traditional console gaming is dead because of… mobile gaming *laughs*? They were probably the same idiots who predicted the end of the world after Brexit/DJT winning the election. I wonder what nonsense they’ll come up with next?

    It’s strange how Sony have sold 54 million consoles and Microsoft employees have used the restroom 186 million times since the XB1 was released… but it still feels like this gen has only just started. It doesn’t feel like we’re 3 years into a console generation.

    Maybe 2017 will be the year of the console defining game(s)? I don’t think this gen has had a defining game (or games) yet. There have been some great games this gen but The PS3 was much more exciting at this point in it’s lifecycle, if my memory serves me right.

    • I’ll bite. What was more exciting at this point in the PS3’s life-cycle?

      • I’ve listed as many as I can think of but I’m sure there are more.

        Plus, these are only PS3 games as I never owned a 360. I think Mass Effect 2 probably came out around this time.

        Batman: Arkham Asylum
        Uncharted 2
        Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time
        Modern Warfare 2
        Assassins Creed 2
        Mini Ninja’s
        Dark Void
        Bioshock 2
        Dante’s Inferno
        Heavy Rain
        God of War 3
        Just Cause 2
        Red Dead Redemption
        Toy Story 3: The Videogame
        Demon’s Souls
        Mafia 2
        Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions
        Lara Croft: Guardian of Light
        Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
        Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

      • I can kind of see JR’s point – with the exception of Driveclub & BF1, the games I’ve enjoyed most so far this generation are TLOU, GTA 5 & BF4, all of which were also (& I played) on the PS3. Apart from looking great, Uncharted 4 bored the hell out of me.

        Saying that, there does look like there’s plenty to look forward to this year.

      • Your list makes sense (for you). Your list, for me, makes little sense! :D Objectively speaking you may well be right, though. Thankfully, the entire life-cycle will reveal all and I’m a patient person with WAY too many games on the backlog already. :-)

    • You’re right, I did choose most of the games that I liked but there are plenty of other games during that time. The PS3/360 were in their golden years but the PS4/XB1 still feel like we’re waiting for them to get going. There have been a few jump starts along the way but nothing close to last gens sustained level of awesomeness (YESS!) :D

      The other thing to remember is that a lot of these games/franchises were new IP’s (or sequels to new IP’s) created within that console generation. New stories, new characters, new ideas. There was much more risk taking and competition between consoles that seems to be completely absent this gen.

      The games this gen have been good but they are mostly prettier, recycled versions of games we already played last gen. Only nowhere near as good or memorable.

      • I have to say, the sheer number of “remasters” has sullied this generation a bit, that’s for sure. Still, we’re slowly getting back to awesomeness. :)

      • I think JR has hit the nail on the head there… the PS3 generation was full of new experiences for me while the PS4 generation just feels like an upgrade littered with sequels, remasters, and more PS+ “free” indie crap than you could possibly want (literally…)

        Granted most games look prettier than what was possible on the previous gen and the games run smoother, for the most part, but there seems to be a complete lack of ideas, originality, or risk taking this gen which has underwhelmed me somewhat, particularly compared to the last gen.

        Hopefully as the PS4 reaches middle age things will start to pick up and the devs will start to pull themselves out of the rut they’ve dug themselves into… I can hope anyway! :-)

      • Thing is, PS4 (and XB1) AAA games cost so, so much to make these days. Look at the output of Activision, they now just do, well CoD. That’s it. They don’t release smaller games like Singularity, or Blur, every month, they release about 3 games a year now.

        Indie games have effectively killed off the second tier AAA games, that’s why we have remasters – they’re cheap, and publishers already know they are good games so are no risk. Its solid, AAA games and remasters filling the spot where second tier AAA used to sit.

  5. A fantastic result for Sony and well deserved as the ps4 is a great piece of kit. Loving the pro and psvr

  6. That’s a cracking figure. Also, nice to know that the hardware (at least from the normal PS4 downwards) is turning a profit. I’d be curious if the PS4 Pro is, yet.

    Still, top sales.

    • Also, impressively, the PS4 is already the twelfth best selling console of all time. Can’t wait to see how it’s done at the end of its life-cycle.

  7. Great news for the PS4, but the lack of stats for the Pro and PSVR must indicate Sony aren’t super happy about their sales…

    • PSVR sold out everywhere at Xmas?

    • Yeah you still cant get PSVR, it sells as soon as it hits the shelves I know loads of people who want one but cant get atm

    • But why aren’t Sony shouting from the rooftops about it?

      And being sold out isn’t necessarily a suitable indicator when we know they’re having supply issues. I’m not saying it’s not selling well, I’m just saying it’s odd that they didn’t even mention VR.

    • Whats the point of shouting if they can’t keep up with current orders? Shout when they have some stock to shift, doing it now just annoys people as they can’t buy the damn thing!

    • But they’re not shouting for their customers, their shouting sales numbers for their investors and share price.

  8. 3million in one month sales vs 3.9billion hours. Hmm, I like sales but I also like hours. I wonder which is the better stat? There’s only one way to find out! FIIIIIGHTTTT!

    Seriously, Hours? As in…… who….. hours? I…

    What’s next? Minutes? Don’t actually do that, MS. That is probably in the octodecillion range and make it an even worse state to boast about.

    3million in a month is well, impressive. 3.9billion hours? Er…


    Literally the first time i’ve seen MS or Sony use hours as a stat. Is this the new way of things? Sony publishes sales, MS uses hours. Sony publishes sales, MS uses Mountain Dews drunk, Sony publishes hours, MS draws picture of naughty things.

    I wonder if they have combined it with Pro to hide any disappointing figures they have? E.g. 2million normal PS4s, 1million Pros. 3million sounds better for them.

    • Not really sure there is any point in breaking down PS4 and PS4 pro sales, is the console same format.

      It doesn’t matter to Sony which people buy, a sale is a sale and marches closer to topping last generation best selling console (PS3) lifetime sales figures.

      • I suppose one of the interesting things would be to see what the uptake is like (for the Pro) so we know how well it’s going and if it’s increasing as time goes by. You know… to the point where we see it becoming the dominant model of the PS4 family. I realise it won’t, seeing as it’s the most expensive one but, it’d be nice to know.

        However, as a “how did the PS4 sell?” question, I like that they’re all being lumped together.

      • It’s unlikely to ever be the dominant model, regular PS4 has been on the market for years, and is still current

  9. Those Microsoft stats are becoming like a parody now. Just give some sales figures ffs!

    • They won’t, actual figures are way worse than the worst industry estimates.

      I honestly don’t know a single person that has bought one on the last year. The store my brother works in, whilst not a dedicated game store, but a regular high street retailer says on the last month or literally was 20 PS4 for just one XB1. And other times of year it’s reality 5 to 1.

      Hence its no surprise Microsoft only want to talk about some nonsense metric rather than real sold to customers numbers.

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