PS4 System Software 5.50 Beta Key Features Confirmed

The PlayStation Blog has posted details of the features found in the beta test of the 5.50 firmware upgrade. As previously leaked those with a PlayStation 4 Pro but who do not own a 4K TV can take advantage of the Supersampling mode, which renders the image at a high resolution but then squishes it back in to 1080p.

The Library will now sort your games, the ‘This PS4’ tab lists game you have installed, the tab with your username will list all the games you have purchased (but perhaps have not installed), with another tab showing all your PlayStation Plus treats.


You will also be able hide certain items so you can clear off that demo of Killzone Shadow Fall that has been in your library for four years, or remove any trace of Drawn To Death.

Play Time Management is a new feature which will infuriate children as it allows parents to set limits on when and for how long each individual child can play for. Sucks to be you kiddywinks!

You can also import your own custom wallpapers via a USB stick, and in the near future, customise your Tournaments team page. The quick menu now supports custom lists of friends and will also include new shortcuts such as pressing square to change the volume on music playing via Spotify, and background music is now supported by PlayStation Now.

Expect a few more hidden features to be revealed over the coming days. Do you like the new features? Let us know in the comments.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. At last! Being able to remove stuff from my library has been on my wishlist forever! I have games that have three entries in my library… Beta, Demo and the Full release… And yes, getting rid of drawn to death sounds good too!

  2. So nothing useful unless…

    1. You’ve got a Pro and a non-4K TV.

    2. You’ve got kids you can’t control yourself.

    3. You’ve got a weird problem with a few things in a big long list of things somehow offending you and needing to be removed.

    4. You want to replace all those nice themes with a picture of puppies, or those uncontrollable kids, or porn.

    • I have a 4k tv and PS4 Pro but the 4k signal is unreliable. I can’t tell the resolution difference where I’m sitting anyway, so I’d prefer the better 1080p image.

    • That reminds me, we’re redesigning all of TSA at the moment behind the scenes, must remember to include a “Mute MrYd” button on the new front page.


      • Sounds reasonable to me.

      • Of course, then people wouldn’t see me post…

        GT7D 6JN2 TGQ2


        P6JT 4XNQ GQL5

        Although now emails with codes have been sent out, the update still doesn’t seem to be live. I’m getting a message that the latest version (5.05) is already installed.

    • Its called a quality of life update… Maybe not necessary, but making stuff more comfortable nonetheless.

    • Number 2, I don’t know anyone who can control their kids. Luckily mine are only 2, that didn’t stop one of them spending £75 on useless DLC on my mates PS4! Serves him right for not having a password :)

    • Dwarf Porn as my background …..sweeeeeet!!!!!!

      • More acceptable than normal porn as it’s only a little filthy.

    • 1. Yup, that’s me.
      2. My 2-year-old’s a handful, but manageable. My 6-year-old bought Battlefront 2 for me for over £50 although I already owned a physical copy. Nice one! (Sony were very helpful in getting me a refund)
      3. Yup, having OCD will do that to you. :)
      4. Most likely the family, or some horror film.

      Spare codes:

      L9MT Q5NB 7PH7
      X96T BNN2 5XK9

  3. Couple of spare codes…

    BFBK 89NF F6HR

    N8XR GHNF 95CJ

    • Had to rush out the door so I never double checked but think I got one of your codes so cheers for that!

  4. Spare codes


    T8HC B4NL 37B4

    • top code taken thanks lamb =)

  5. I know enough people who would actually use these controls for themselves, to set an allowed playtime in advance, and then having to stick to it… ;o)

  6. Some interesting bits I wonder what else is hidden in the FW.

    Spare code


  7. “Play Time Management is a new feature which will infuriate children as it allows parents to set limits on when and for how long each individual child can play for”

    Okay, so they add this useless feature for brainless parents, but still not the ability to see how much time you spent in different games. Uhh…

  8. I’m not sure how or why but suddenly games with HDR support started working with my PS-VR box connected… Great if it’s intended!

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