PlayStation firmware Update 7.02 is out, read the not-at-all predictable patch notes here!

It “improves system performance”. There you go, that is all it does, basically nothing but you had to Google and find out what update 7.02 contains and that’s how you got here and now I have to write another 263 words so this will be picked up by Google’s algorithms so you can find it when you search for it.

Which you did, because here you are reading about me writing something so you can find it.


Which you have because I did.

I think that time paradox makes me Avenger.

So, just to be clear, the mandatory PlayStation firmware Update 7.02 does nothing important so you can rest easy.

However, I still have 200 or so words to go so what shall we talk about? Did you know we have Hubs, no one seems to have paid them much attention and we spent ages making the site all posh so they would work. They have all the news, reviews, and features on a selection of games including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Death Stranding, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

147 words to go. Damn. have you read the reviews for Cats? It sounds insanely awful and now I want to go an see it.

“Just when you think you’ve reasonably settled into the uncanny valley, Idris Elba’s coat comes off and you’re sucked even deeper into a void of horny confusion,” was one review, “Neither human nor cat, they all look like laboratory mutants put through a Snapchat filter. Your brain will never comprehend it,” is another.

That sounds brilliant, we should all go and watch it.

That reminds me, Google likes it when an article has a video in it, so here’s the trailer for Cats.

40 words to go.

Journey. Enough time has passed now, come on, admit it, it was crap. Push forward while some twee music plays. Ugh. What a pile of tedious nonsense that was.

There we go, three hundred words done. Enjoy your pointless firmware update!

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  1. Last week’s 7.01 update was optional. This new one isn’t.

    Which possibly means last week’s was actually to improve system performance, and this new one fixes something important they obviously don’t want to tell people about.

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