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Spider-Man Gets A New Story Trailer, And A Fancy Limited Edition PS4 Pro

San Diego Comic Con is in full flow, and Insomniac kicked it off with a new trailer for their take on Spider-Man. In particular, it features a new twist on the Silver Sable character and you get to hear Norman Osborn’s voice, who’s running for office.

Spider-Man is coming to PS4 on 7th September.

One thing you’ll be able to do in the game is swap out Peter’s Spidey suit for some different styles. It joins the Spider-Punk suit and the Iron Spider suit which was inspired by the one featured in Infinity War.

Alongside these trailer, Sony have now revealed a limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro bundle, which looks right snazzy. I even quite like the colour scheme of the DualShock 4, though wish the touchpad wasn’t black.

Source: EU PS Blog [1, 2]

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  1. I saw this earlier on a comic book website I go on. The pro looks amazing although I wish it had a bit of blue in there too.
    And the game it is a day one purchase for sure each and every trailer I see makes me wish I could hibernate until release. I’m hoping they show off some other Marvel characters in the world too loving all the easter eggs planted throught NYC.

  2. So tempted to get the Pro….. really tempted!
    Need to start saving up me pennies but at this rate it will be not enough lol
    Does anyone need a kidney?

  3. It’s not a case of I want that PS4 Pro is a case of I need that PS4 Pro. Just hopefully it comes to the UK.

    • It was shown off on the EU PS Blog, so it’ll be in the UK. Probably Game. It’s always Game.

    • You can pre-order at game.co.uk but they’ve bundled the Pro with a headset for some reason.

      • Thanks for the replies too both of you. I’ll have a look at GAME. I was hoping for Shopto to get it but I’ll have to go with GAME.

  4. I have a feeling (Spider-sense?) this is going to be my 3rd Pro (5th PS4). Damn.

    This is probably the first exclusive PS4 design that actually looks good. Ahmazing, even.

    I think this game could be this gen’s Arkham series.

  5. I’ve seen nothing but positivity for that ps4 design on twitter, surely I can’t be the only one that thinks it’s absolutely hideous?

    Good luck sticking that under your TV in your front room, it’d stick out like a sore thumb!

    • No accounting for taste. ;)

    • I feel pretty much the same. They can’t seem to do hardware themes at all, although the MGS and Destiny designs were pretty nice back in the day.

  6. Got a PS4Pro but still gonna get this. Im the biggest Spider-Man fan and I havent wanted a game this much since Metal Gear Solid 2.



  7. Whoop whoop! I’ve just pre-ordered the AMAZING Spider-Man PS4 Pro (my first Pro Console)

  8. White buttons and sticks? Just no. Other than that it looks alright but the design is too safe, uninspired.

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