Spider-Cube is now a thing thanks to a bug in Spider-Man 2

There have been many variations of Spider-Man over the years and plenty of them turned in the animated Spider-Verse movies. However, I do not think those movies featured the latest reality bending incarnation of everyone’s friendly neighbourhood superhero.

Behold! The Spider-Cube!

Sadly there is no footage of the Spider-Cube in battle, at least none without spoilers, but apparently it’s “just streaks of light and sound effects.” Twitter has taken Spider-Cube to heart and suggested DLC costume packs (changing the colour of the cube) and even a new pack shot.


Yesterday it was revealed that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has got off to a fantastic start, with PlayStation and developer Insomniac announcing that 2.5 million copies of the PlayStation 5 exclusive were sold within the first 24 hours.

Spider-Man 2 is a fantastic sequel, building on everything that the original did and making great use of the PlayStation 5 hardware. In our Spider-Man 2 review, Dom said, “Spider-Man 2 is a fantastic sequel, building on the excellent foundations of its forebear while delivering a story that drives these beloved characters forward.”

Source: Twitter

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