How to get Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PS5

Want to know how to get Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PS5? Sadly, despite improving one of Sony’s best-selling PlayStation games of all time, this gorgeous version of the 2018 superhero hit cannot be found on the PlayStation Store.

Searching for the game’s full title yields zero results via the EU/UK storefront even today, some 18 months after it was first made available. It appears that the only way to get Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PS5 is to buy the Miles Morales Ultimate Edition.

Priced at £69.99, this includes both Spider-Man Remastered and its superb follow-up. However, if you’ve already purchased Miles Morales then there is no option to upgrade or buy Spider-Man Remastered separately. You will need to buy the full £69.99 Ultimate Edition just to replay Peter Parker’s adventure on PS5.

Despite PlayStation fans bringing this to the attention of Sony and Insomniac Games, neither have addressed the issue. It is hoped that the remastered version of their web-slinging saga will go on sale as a standalone game soon, or get included within the revamped PlayStation Plus library of games.

For those desperate to get their hands on Spider-Man Remastered but don’t want to pay the ridiculous £69.99, there is a workaround. As with any AAA game, you can get a better price than the digital store by hunting down cheaper copies through retailers and second-hand marketplaces.

All physical copies of Miles Morales Ultimate Edition will have a code inside that can be redeemed to unlock Remastered. Just make sure you get a copy that is either new or hasn’t already had the code used. Roughly, you’re looking at around £30-40, though you can always sell on Miles Morales once you’ve stripped out the code. It requires a bit of legwork but is certainly cheaper than paying the £69.99.

In 2020, Insomniac remastered Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS5, hurling its power-selling title into the current generation with improvements to visuals and performance. The studio even remodelled Peter Parker, a decision that frustrated some fans.

The game is due for a sequel in 2023 with Insomniac also working to bring another Marvel legend to life – the X-Men’s Wolverine. Here are our gameplay, story, and character predictions for that game.

In more recent news, both of Sony’s Spider-Man games will soon launch on PC, breaking their previous PlayStation exclusivity.

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