Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Has 3 Platinum Trophies, Full Lists Here

PlayStation icon Crash Bandicoot is set to make his big return at the end of the month. Activision’s N. Sane trilogy, as the name suggests, bundles those first three games in the series, albeit remastered for a new generation.

Aside from a visual overhaul, trophies have also been added to the classic platformers. Instead of sharing the same list, there will be three platinum trophies.


At a glance they don’t seem particularly brutal tough, most unlocking naturally as you clear each stage. Some will require you to back through, however, honing your skills and scouting for collectibles. Here are the lists in full.

Crash Bandicoot


The N. Trepid Crash Bandicoot!
Collect all the Crash Bandicoot Trophies.


Papu Popped
Defeat Papu-Papu.

Ripper Ruined
Defeat Ripper Roo.

Spin Doctor
In a single level, spin an enemy into another enemy twice.

I Meant To Do That!
Spin away an Extra Life.

That’s What Those Do!
Enter a Bonus Round after collecting 3 Character Tokens.

Catch Me If You Can!
Earn 5 Relics.

Feeeed Meeeee!

The Box That Broke the Bandicoot’s Back
Miss a lot of boxes.


Koala Konked
Defeat Koala Kong.

Pinstripe Patooey
Defeat Pinstripe Potoroo.

A Hidden Gem
Discover a Gem Path after earning a Color Gem.

Cortex’s Crazed Contest
Earn the Key in Sunset Vista.

Cortex’s Terrifying Trial
Earn the Key in Jaws of Darkness.

Could Go… All… The… Way!
Earn 10 Relics (gold or better).

I See London, I See France


Nitrus Broken
Defeat N. Brio.

Cortex N. Capacitated
Defeat N. Cortex.

More Gems Are Better Than None
Earn 13 Gems.

The Ultimate Gem Path
Earn 26 Gems.

Practice Makes Perfect!
Earn 26 Relics (gold or better).

No Holds Barred
Defeat 5 enemies with Coco’s Spin.

On Cloud 99
Earn 99 Lives.

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back


The N. Credible Crash Bandicoot!
Collect all the Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back trophies.


Professor Pulverized
Defeat Ripper Roo.

Komodo No Mo
Defeat the Komodo Brothers.

A Road Less Traveled
Discover a “?” Bonus Path.

Kick the Tires!
Earn 5 Relics.

A Helping Paw
Don’t feel guilty about jumping on him.

Buzz Off!
Die as Crash.

Cortex N. Furiated
Just “forget” it. Repeatedly.


Tiny Tricked
Defeat Tiny Tiger.

Mech Wrecked
Defeat N. Gin.

A Diamond in the Rough
Discover a Gem Path after earning a Color Gem.

Cheated Death (For the Time Being)
Discover a Death Route.

Jumping the Jetboard
Unlocked the Secret Exit in Air Crash.

Island Hopping
Unlocked the Secret Exit in Bear Down.

The Flora Flop
Unlocked the Secret Exit in Diggin’ It.

No Bear Left Behind
Unlocked the Secret Exit in Unbearable.

Hang In There, Maybe!
Unlocked the Secret Exit in Hangin’ Out.

Light the Fires!
Earn 10 Relics (gold or better).

Crash Cubed
Fly, then die.


Cortex N. Adequate
Defeat N. Cortex.

One Man’s Trash
Earn 21 Gems.

Laser Powered Vengence
Earn 42 Gems.

Wumpa-Burner Engaged!
Earn 27 Relics (gold or better).

Boom Shakalaka!
Defeat 5 enemies with Coco’s Double Leg Drop.

99 Percent Perspiration
Earn 99 lives.

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped


The N. Vincible Crash Bandicoot!
Collect all the Crash Bandicoot: Warped trophies.


Tiny Trounced
Defeat Tiny Tiger.

Penta’s Revenge
Defeat Dingodile.

Taking the Scenic Route
Discover a “?” Bonus Path.

Buckle Up, Boys, Buckle Up!
Earn 5 Relics.

The Riddle of the Sphynx
Have your bazooka ready.

Accept No Substitutes
Shoot the imposter.

Warts and All

Trigger Clickin’ Good
Shoot 5 of them in a single level.


A Nefarious Trophy
Defeat N. Tropy.

Mech Wrecked, Again!
Defeat N. Gin.

A Cut Above the Rest
Discover a Gem Path after earning a Color Gem.

Not a Scratch (Give It Time)
Discover a Death Route.

UFO Xing
Discovered the Secret Exit in Road Crash.

Getting Carried Away
Discovered the Secret Exit in Dino Might!

Giving 102%!
Earn the Gems in the bonus levels.

Is There a Problem, Granny?!
Earn 10 Relics (gold or better).

Keeping Crash Under Wraps

Your Moment of Zen
Avoid whatever he’s flinging at you.


Cortex N. Carcerated

Defeat N. Cortex.

Leave No Gem Unturned
Earn 21 Gems.

Bringing Down the House
Earn 42 Gems.

Boo-yah, Grandma! Boo-yah!
Earn 30 Relics (gold or better).

Category Five
Defeat 5 enemies with Coco’s Savage Hurricane Spin.

A Stitch in Time Saves 99
Earn 99 Lives.

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  1. We’re the original games difficult? I don’t remember.

    I do kinda remember the dark levels being annoying.

    At least there are no trophies for clearing each stage without dying. That was pretty frustrating in Uncharted 4.

    • No, nothing was too difficult. But I think in Crash 1 you may have to do one or two levels without dying…unless I’m misremembering, some of the bonus areas disappear if you die before you reach them.

      I will be snapping up all three plats gladly. I have been waiting for Crash to come back since Day 1 of the PS3 era!

      • You can’t get a gem if you die on the level, you have to get all the boxes and finish the level without dying (finishing the bonus level that you get when collecting three girl’s pictures will reset your deaths to zero). :)

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