Forza Motorsport 7 Releases This October

Dan Greenwalt, the Creative Director of Turn 10 Studio took to the Microsoft E3 stage in Los Angeles to announce the latest entry in the storied Forza franchise.


Appearing alongside the 4K enabled Xbox One X, the game promises to deliver true 4K visuals in HDR, while achieving the hallowed land of 60fps. Alongside dynamic puddles, which will be complemented by dynamic weather the game also plays host to the largest collection of Lambourghini, Ferrari and Porsche vehicles ever assembled, amongst more than seven hundred cars in total.

Porsche also took the opportunity to unveil their 2018 GT2 RS, fitted with the most powerful road going 911 engine ever, which is testament to the standing of gaming in the modern age.

Forza Motorsport 7 will launch October 3, 2017.

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  1. How is it that the Forza team put out quality title after quality title and the Gran Turismo gang take forever to release each title that seems to regress slightly with each release?

  2. 700 cars, so they decided to actually take that next step and add to Forza 6’s hefty garage. That’s a wacky number, liable to jump to 800 after DLC.

    I thought the trailer was a bit meh, but the gameplay was solid. Stunning visuals, and I like the dynamic time of day and weather, but as with any racing game I want to get my hands on it to try out handling and FFB, that’s the improvements I’m most excited about.

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