Microsoft Announce Original Xbox Games Backwards Compatibility For Xbox One

Microsoft have indeed listened to the feedback that has been accumulating since the days of Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility. Where is the love for the original Xbox?

Today marked the announcement at their E3 Press Conference that Xbox Backwards Compatibility will expand to the original Xbox, with a confirmed title being Crimson Skies – the dogfighting simulator that became a cult hit on the original console.


As with Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility, the original Xbox games will feature enhancements to graphical fidelity and indeed performance where possible. No other titles or dates have been confirmed as of yet, however with a big library to fall upon, the floodgates will have opened.

Personally, I have a laundry list and I will be sharing them with you within the next week or so. What games do you want to see on Xbox One via this backwards compatibility? Sound off in the comments! You may find your suggestion in the list.



  1. I know there was a furore earlier in the week regarding backwards compatibility but I, for one, am very much in favour. A few I’d like are Fable, KOTOR and PGR.

    • Those came to my mind as well, although PGR might be dead in the water. Sorely hope for Kotor 1 and 2, I’d be in bliss.

      • If no PGR then I’ll take Auto Modellista in its stead.

  2. What does this mean that the original Xbox Live will be back?

  3. Microsoft’s internal goal: 0.05% of total play time. ;o)

    On a more serious note: this is clearly directed at their all-time fanbase, no one else. Are they afraid they might lose more of that group?

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