Cliff Blezinski’s LawBreakers Releases August 8th, Betas Announced For June 28th And June 30th

Cliff “Cliffy B” Blezinski’s next foray into shooter territory has been a long time coming and the studio behind LawBreakers – Boss Key, have finalised the details for a full launch and beta periods, as well as the price of the full game.


For those who don’t know, this is a FPS game somewhat similar to the likes of Overwatch and Quake Champions, but the main gimmick here is the movement and zipping along the maps and even outside of them. Frankly it looks bonkers and according to those who have played it, the skill ceiling is pretty high for those high-risk manoeuvres.

Cliffy B announced that there would be a release date of August 8th 2017 and the game would not release at full price, confirming the cost of entry as $29.99 for US gamers, with EU and UK pricing to be confirmed, affirming the announcement with the words “None of the $60 for multiplayer only bullshit”. For those who can’t wait, a Closed Beta will happen June 28th and Open Access Beta on June 30th.


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  1. Cliffy B mingling in with the crowds saying from the side of his mouth “Hey isn’t that Cliff Blezinski”?

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