Ready At Dawn’s Lone Echo For Oculus Rift Gains Standalone Echo Arena Multiplayer

Having split away from their second party status under Sony, Ready at Dawn’s second project (after the quickly forgotten Deformers) is Oculus Rift VR space adventure Lone Echo, and it’s coming out on 20th July. However, it’s also coming with a dedicated multiplayer mode, gearing toward sparking esports in VR.


It’s a complete visual and tonal shift compared to the story driven single player, but it’s also a standalone game. In a nice twist, Intel are sponsoring its release so that it will be free for a limited time after its release.

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  1. Hmm, Lone Echo looked a lot more interesting the Echo Arena, shame we only got a few seconds of it…

    That arena looks a lot like the training areas from Enders Game (the book is much better, btw). I expect huge amounts of nausea, space simulation and VR dont mix well at all.

  2. Lone Echo looks like my kind of game, hopefully it will come to other platforms later.

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