Sony Are Blocking Minecraft Cross-Platform Play From PlayStation

For families with young-ish kids, one of the best, most open handed announcements that Microsoft made during their press conference was that they were breaking down the platform barriers between the different versions of Minecraft so that everyone could play together. Someone on Xbox One can buddy up with a player on tablet, PC gamers with those on Switch or in VR, and all will be able to jump onto community servers that were the preserve of the PC game up until now. All the different editions of Minecraft are going away in favour of just plain Minecraft.

There are, however, some exceptions to this rule. The Xbox 360 is being left out, as is Mac OSX and those PCs without Windows 10, oh, and anything with PlayStation in the name. You might think this is Microsoft playing hardball, but it seems to be the other way around. Sony refused to open up PlayStation Network for cross-platform Minecraft, according to Jez Corden from Windows Central.

As it stands, the platforms being united in the new Better Together update for the game are:

  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows 10
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Gear VR
  • Oculus Rift
  • Fire TV
  • Kindle Fire
  • Windows Phone

It’s a real shame that Sony are obstructing this kind of cross-network openness that Microsoft have opened up to in recent times. Though President of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida previously said that they were open to approaches on the matter, in response to Microsoft announcing their new policy, Sony’s actions haven’t seemed to follow suit. While console exclusives are allowed to communicate with their PC counterparts, as in Street Fighter V, games that want to branch further are held back. Rocket League is restricted to either PS4-PC or Xbox One-PC cross-network play, while Tekken 7’s director also recently complained about the complexities.

Source: Jez Corden, Venture Beat

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  1. I expected this when the feature was announced. I knew PlayStation wouldn’t play ball with opening their platform.

    It’s very good of Microsoft to offer though, I half expected them to give PlayStation the finger and keep it exclusive to everyone, but Sony.

    • Why do you reckon they said no? Hopefully not just because Microsoft own Minecraft.

      • Presumably attach all sorts of conditions to it that MS knew Sony would find unacceptable hoping Sony would say no and then they can make a big fuss about it?

        Oooh, look, the evil Sony refused to do things completely differently just for us.

        It’s a fairly common strategy if you’re big enough to demand special treatment and can make the other party look bad if they treat you just the same as everyone else.

      • I don’t know specifics on their policy, but it’s inherently closed in nature. Limited mod support, no early access, limited accessory support.

      • All things that Sony do for very good reasons. Mostly security reasons and not letting something they can’t control in to open up a way in for other things.

        And there are lots of “early access” things available now anyway. Pay lots of money to get in early on various free to play games?

      • Sony won’t open up PSN to Xbox Live. It’s nothing to do with Minecraft being from Microsoft, but rather that it would mean connectivity with the rival platform as a whole.

        And seeing as Sony are on top, they don’t see the need to play nice with others so much anymore. They’re fine with connecting to PC, because it’s not got as much overlap.

      • It’s interesting you mention overlap Tef, I get what you’re saying but at the same time some overlap is what cross-platform relies on. I think maybe Sony should never have mentioned that they’d be up for more cross-platform, because of the rivalry then they’ll never bother. The best we can hope for is the odd feature in games like Portal 2 and Rocket League, which is nice but doesn’t really move anything forward, similarly this Minecraft move is gonna be good fun for some but could have been a truly new thing if all brands and all of their platforms were involved.

    • I guess we really don’t know to what extent Microsoft wanted access to PSN. Perhaps their integration was too tight, or perhaps there were data collection hidden agendas…. We really dont know

  2. That’s really strange, especially since Sony have been fine with cross platform play on other games. I wonder what was different about this one?

  3. Not surprising considering that they are iffy about mods and well, PSN is pretty much held together by gaffe tape, chewing gum, that one stale biscuit that you found months ago and was surprised by how strong it was thus hid it in this so that it works without the embarressment of admiting you lost your biscuit and the souls of Vita players.

    Or Sony doesn’t feel comfortable with opening PSN up to XBL. Probably for the best. PSN would likely collapse. It is likely to collapse if someone sneezes hard enough. :P

    What? I may not be able to get the newest things but i can still make fun of them.

  4. Ha, Windows Phone.

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