Ubisoft Announces Toys To Life Game Starlink: Battle For Atlas

The toys to life genre has been absolutely dominated by Skylanders. You’ve had challengers in the form of LEGO Dimensions and Nintendo’s Amiibos, but nothing has dethroned Activision’s IP. Ubisoft though have decided to enter the toys to life realm with Starlink: Battle For Atlas. It is a game where you can build and customise your own spaceship. You can customise on the fly with changes to your model instantly appearing in the game.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas will be releasing in Autumn 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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  1. I thought this game looked promising but the toys put me off.

    • I was thinking the toys are going to make this horribly expensive!! Imagine getting as hooked as you have to NMS, then caving to the compulsion to buy the toy, then having to fork out for actual toy parts!! Best give up electricity altogether, just tonne save. Or more to Vegas.

      • Ha, the added expense is part of it, but also it doesn’t seem intuitive to be grabbing bits off the table to clip on mid-game. It’s hardly aimed at us “mature” gamers anyway though ;)

      • That’s what I don’t like about games like this, they could end up costing you hundreds of pounds or much much more. I’ll be giving it a wide berth.

  2. If Disney gave up on this ‘genre’, I have no idea what Ubisoft are doing!

  3. This looks pretty cool – if expensive – and worryingly I can see it being something me and Noah get into.

    Some of the planets had me thinking that this is what Hello Games was aiming for with NMS and its procedurally created efforts – and yet, perhaps they should have just done this.

  4. Toys to Life died the day Disney decided to scrap Infinity.

    I’ve tried the others with my Nephew (Skylanders, Lego etc.) but neither hold a candle to Infinity.

    I heard Lego Dimensions will be scrapped later this year so Ubisoft are a bit late to the party with this.

  5. Looks so much fun! Ah, but money. Poo.

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