Doctor Reid Hunts A Saint Of London In Latest Vampyr Gameplay Footage

DONTNOD’s Vampyr seems to be shaping up as a game where you’ll face moral dilemmas while in the shoes of Doctor Johnathan Reid, healer turned vampire. Some new gameplay has been served up fresh today following Vampyr’s November release announcement from a few days back, with the focus being on Dr Reid searching for Sean, a religious man who is considered a saint in his district of London.


The footage shows a mission being set up as Dr Reid is told of an attack at Pembroke Hospital, a neutral and sacred ground where vampires and the Guard work side by side. From the setup Dr Reid must venture into the streets to hunt down Sean, using his vampire abilities to navigate the city and fight foes in the way. While those are present the main focus of the Vampyr gameplay is on interaction between the main character and the others, with multiple choice answers steering the narrative as does the choice on who lives and dies.

Source: YouTube

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