Horizon Zero Dawn’s First DLC, The Frozen Wilds, Is Out This Year

Just announced at PlayStation’s E3 conference is Horizon: Zero Dawn’s first DLC, titled The Frozen Wilds and it features vast snowy areas with new threats to face and new objectives to follow. The DLC is out later in 2017, which will delight those who fell in love with the game earlier this year.


Source: PlayStation’s E3 conference

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  1. Delighted indeed, very exciting news and great trailer, really looking forward to this! Hopefully it follows the plot of that epilogue scene which, without wanting to spoil anything, happened somewhere a little bit warmer looking. The most enticing part of your article Jake is the word ‘first’, is that a word they used in the conference?

  2. Nice. HZD is probably my favourite PS4 game to date. Until Spiderman comes out.

  3. Now that i’m probably going to put Skyrim aside and wait for the VR version i should finally get around to playing H:ZD!

    • Do it!!!

    • Dooo iiiit!!

    • JUST FECKING DO IT! YOU FECKING BONESTER! DO IT! Too much? Ok, I’ll be in the corner. Again.

  4. I’m ready to face the beast!

  5. Whaaaat? DLC that is announced months after release? What foul manner of magic is this? What IS this?

    Seriously, DLC that is announced months after release. Just surprising and a welcoming kind of surprising.

    Unlike the rest of the usual DLC announcements.

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