Knack 2 Is Coming Out On 5th September

It’s slightly ironic that the PS4 launch title that’s going to have the longest legacy looks like it might actually be Knack, with the sequel to Mark Cerny’s pet project being announced at PlayStation Experience last year. It’s out sooner than you might have thought, on 5th September.


If you’re tuning in for the PlayStation E3 press conference stream for its 2AM, you might be wondering where this announcement was? Well, Sony sneakily started announcing games and release dates during their sodding pre-show!

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  1. Awesome! Knack gets a bad rap but I’m excited.

  2. Such a weird game. Really enjoyed the first one and super hyped to see how they’ll build on that in the second game. Never thought in a million years there would be a sequel.

  3. Odds on that Knack will appear in PS+ in July or August then?

  4. Maybe I should give this one chance.

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