Knack 2 Demo Now Available, TV Spot Released

Play the Monastery level

Bless poor little Knack, he got a bit of a kicking when his original adventure was released as a launch title for PlayStation 4. However, a sequel is almost with us and you can download a demo of it right now from the European PlayStation Store.

Sony have also released a TV spot for the game which is cute, check it out below.

Source: PS Store / YouTube

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  1. Really looking forward to Knack 2. I know almost everyone else will be playing Destiny 2 on 06/09 but I have zero interest in that.

    It will be interesting to see how much Knack 2 has improved over the original (there was definitely room for improvement).

  2. I found the first game a bit too ‘rigid’ – in comparison to J&D or R&C – but i’ll give the new demo a spin, cheers for the heads-up!

  3. Hopefully, this will be a fun co-op game, which is exactly how I’ll be playing it.

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