Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome & Hearts of Iron IV: Death Or Dishonor Expansions Released

It’s a good week for fans of Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy games, with not one, but two expansion packs released at the same time during E3. Will you guide Russia to Glory in Europa Universalis IV or try to avoid being crushed between the Third Reich and the Soviet Union during WWII?


Third Rome adds a lot of Russia-specific gameplay to Europa Universalis IV. Amongst other things Tsardoms and Principalities adding a new layers to your internal politics, while letting you stake claims to entire states when waging war, not just provinces.

Death or Dishonor expands on four of the smaller nations in Hearts of Iron IV, adding a lot more depth, individual paths and national focuses for Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Yugoslavia.

Both expansions are $9.99 individually, but in an unusual cross-game promotion, you’ll be able to purchase them together for $17.98 directly from Paradox.

Source: press release

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