Multiplayer Arena Brawler Battlerite Coming To Xbox One

After getting just a few seconds of time in an ID@Xbox montage during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, Stunlock Studios have announced that multiplayer brawler Battlerite will be spreading beyond the realms of PC gaming, and will be coming to both Xbox One and Windows 10 in 2018.

They name drop the likes of WoW Arena, Overwatch and League of Legends as inspirations, which is about as vague as saying that your open world game is GTA-like. It’s thankfully looking to be a little bit different to all of these, with smaller scale 3v3 matches played from a top-down view and more direct action than LoL.

The game is currently in Steam Early Access on PC, having entered this stage of open development back in September 2016. It had raced to 440,000 sales by December, and half a year on is probably doing quite a bit better than that, as well.

Sounding very confident of their efforts, Rickard Frisegård, CEO at Stunlock Studios said, “We’re super excited to release our first console title on Xbox One! Battlerite will usher a new era of arena brawlers for the competitive console fans, offering an amazing multiplayer experience. We’ll be unveiling more in the coming months, so keep an eye out for more news.”

Source: press release

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