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You Will Need An Xbox Live Login To Use Minecraft Cross-Play On Switch

It appears that there was another reason why Sony have decided not to join in the Minecraft cross-play fun. Mojang CEO Jonas Märtensson gave an interview to PressFire, which has helpfully been translated by NeoGAF, and it reveals a previously unknown requirement.

When asked about how the cross-play would work on Nintendo Switch Jonas mentions that you will need an Xbox Live account.

“That’s pretty unique as well! But everyone that’s in on this, all the platform holders, have been pretty pragmatic and understanding of that what we’re trying to do is create a good experience for the players. We needed a good system to connect everyone, and Xbox Live is a good system.”

Of course there is no way in hell that Sony are ever going to say you need an Xbox Live login to play a game, so it’s understandable why they have backed down. Nintendo are still taking baby steps in the world of online gaming, and adding players to their small install base is also a good idea, so you can see why they signed up, even if it does mean working with a competitor.

Of course that doesn’t explain why Sony are not allowing cross-play for Rocket League, Microsoft have no involvement in that game.

Source: NeoGAF


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  1. Can totally see why Sony said no then!

    Sure the difference with Rocket League is that MS own Minecraft, no?

  2. Because all the rocket league server stuff is handled by the rocket league developers, whereas Minecraft uses Microsoft’s servers. Mystery solved.

    • Yes you are correct, I meant it doesn’t explain why Sony are not allowing cross-play when MS are not involved. I shall reword quickly.

    • Does it?

      Microsoft bought Minecraft, but they didn’t create it. Did they transfer everything onto new Microsoft specific servers? Seems like unnecessary work.

      • It is moving to new servers to allow cross-play, that was part of the announcement

  3. Surely Microsoft could allow Nintendo accounts to log into the Minecraft servers like how PlayStation lets you long into YouTube through their platform? Seems dominating and needlessly so.

    • Yeah, but you need a Youtube account to link it to PSN. A bit like you’d need a live account to link it to Minecraft Switch. It’s a bit quirky, but then Origin and Uplay accounts are required for some games on all platforms, and I think Steam ID was required for Valve PS3 games.

      Not that strange in the grand scheme of things, I think Sony would have been bothered by other factors more than a Live account being needed.

      • Thats a fair point, and I’d forgotten about the Steam account thing and I even used the example of Portal 2 to sing cross-platforms praises the other day.

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