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Sony: PlayStation 5 Will Arrive At Some Point, But Not “For Some Time”

Sony have said that the PlayStation 5 is very much on the books, but it looks like it’s going to be a good few years before you get your hands on one. German site spoke to Sony’s Shawn Layden at E3 and discussed the lifecycle of the current console.

The site suggested the Pro is the first entry in the smartphone-like evolution of consoles, implicating that a new PlayStation would be released every year or so with slightly better features in the same way we get a new iPhone every year. This has been a theory, especially in the business world, that has been doing the rounds ever since the Pro and X were announced.

Shawn goes and lists the features of the Pro, slightly avoiding the question, so ask if Sony will be looking towards the PlayStation 5 rather than a yearly update. “Yes,” says Layden, but adds that “It will probably be some time,” before that happens. 

Shawn also confirms that there will never be PlayStation 4 Pro exclusive games and all titles will run on both the standard and enhanced console. He also added that as of this month Sony will finally be able to “meet demand” for PlayStation VR, so more units should be in the stores.

Disclaimer: The interview is published in German and Google Translate has been used. 

Source: Golem.De

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  1. If Sony starts doing new models every year, that will be a crap decision for gamers and well, I can see it causing all kinds of issues. Unlike the overpriced Iphone, a console is something that should have a 5 year lifespan at the very least before a new one is out. And if there is one thing we love, it’s having to own a certain thing in order to play online MP.

    This best be false or not occur. Because that will be some real bs and aside from some damned good exclusives, I would likely switch to PC gaming as a main form of gaming. Unless mods become illegal. #Taketwoarearseholes

    • “If Sony starts doing new models every year” – they just said they were not, that was the entire point of the bloody news. Pay attention Steven!

    • Didn’t it say they’re NOT doing yearly models???

      • Oh, as TC said above ^

      • No, he avoided the question and then said there’d be a PS5 at some point.

        They could quite easily release an even fancier version of the PS4 before then, especially if the PS5 is a long way off. Or MS surprise everyone and sell more than half a dozen Xs.

        And the PS5 is most likely to be just a really fancy PS4 with Sony allowing games for it that don’t run on the older consoles. Any games before then have to run on the original PS4, and at some random point it’s “this is called a PS5, and gets exclusive games”

    • There’ll never be another mid-gen console upgrade again – at least not until another viewing-fidelity upgrade like 4K/HDR occurs midway into another console generation and someone needs to sell some tvs. ;)

  2. Well, the question will be what MS can reasonably be expected to do. As they lost some important markets badly with this Ballmer git, mobiles, tablets, etc., they’re unlikely to give up the console/games market too, irrespective of how well they do.

    So, given MS will be desperate to do better next gen, they might present their XBone One XI, or XBone One XX, or XBot Two, or whatever that’ll be called, first. And then Sony may need to react. Or Sony may be tempted to go first by the threat that MS is unlikely to mess up like they did this gen.

    Anyway, I like straightforward product names and hope it’ll just be ‘Playstation 5’.

  3. Meet demand for PSVR? Is he implying it’s not been readily available for the past few months, and even getting discounts or games bundled with it?

    • Its not been available for many months…

      • That’s what Sony seem to be implying, which is quite obviously bollocks.

      • No, its not been available for many months. Have you actually tried to get your hands on one? They are very thin on the ground. A few here and there, thats it. You certainly can’t to walk into any store and just buy one, stock comes in, stock goes…

      • Yes, I’ve had a look to see if I could find one, since someone is supposedly getting me one (dependent on GCSE maths results, which are looking promising now).

        I was thinking “No, they won’t be in stock anywhere”. But no, they were. Several times I checked Amazon, no problem getting them the next day. Or the nearest place I could go into a shop and buy one (like people did before the internet) was Argos, which always seem to have them.

        I’m sure if you looked in Game, you might struggle to find one. But then they take incompetence to new and exciting levels every day, so that wouldn’t be surprising.

      • You can use Argos stock checker, there is 1 available within 70miles where I live..

        That is sporadic stock, that’s not readily available

      • For some reason, there are 10 Argos stores within 20 miles of me. All of which have it available to collect now or later today (since some of those are a pretend Argos in a Sainsbury’s or similar place that just move stock around from nearby stores. And think an iPad is a good substitute for the Laminated Book of Dreams)

        That counts as readily available, and it’s been like that for months.

      • Argos don’t keep much stock in the town of Pricks. People don’t want to buy much there, they just talk shit for entertainment.

      • Availability still seems sporadic. Argos and Smyths Toys near me are currently out of stock but Gamestop has a few units.

      • Layer today means it’s being moved from somewhere else.

        In stock for collection now is the real count.

        Argos will move stock around same day between stores in the same area.

        It could be 1 unit that you can collect from any store in the same region

      • Layer today means it’s being moved from somewhere else.

        In stock for collection now is the real count.

        Argos will move stock around same day between stores in the same area.

        It could be 1 unit that you can collect from any store in the same region

      • GameStop are a waste of time in my area but Target, Walmart and their ilk are unusually reliable in the entertainment department. I know I could drive less than 5 miles and pick one up this afternoon, guaranteed.

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    • Yep, I’ve seen posts about no yearly update and PS5 for a couple of weeks now.
      Good news about the PSVR though.

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