Check Out Code Vein’s Souls-like Gameplay In This Trailer

This Souls-like genre seems to be catching on, with the recent announcement from Bandai Namco of Code Vein, coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC next year. Now we get to see it in action, with a few minutes of the game shown in the latest trailer, with the distinctive action RPG gameplay mixed with a more anime-like sensibility


Set in the distant future, a mysterious disaster has brought civilisation as we know it to an end. Humanity’s past is now pierced by the Thorns of Judgement, while hidden away lies a secret society of Revenants in the city of Vein. It’s from here that the last few survivors battle for survival, struggling as they do so not to give into their bloodlust and become one of the goulish Lost that have lost their humanity.

Source: YouTube


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