Your Trophies Will Sync Faster From Now On

Good news everyone, Sony have decided to speed up the process that synchronises your trophy list between your PlayStation and then PSN. Don’t believe me? Well read the tweet below.


There we go. See. Told you.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Oh good, only took a them a console change and 8 years !

  2. I guess instant gratification will never outstay it’s welcome!

  3. Will this include on the PS3? Syncing on PS4 has never really seemed to be a problem to me, but my PS3 takes ages.

    • I highly doubt it, but considering they never said on which platform it’s possible.
      Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. It’s a big fat lie. I posted a video on twitter earlier of my trophies syncing, it still took almost a full minute.

    • That’s odd, i just tried mine and it literally took one second. Used to take up to a minute for me before.

      • Just tried mine again, still took a full minute. Wonder what’s going on then?

      • You’ve broken it already!

        It was working stupidly quick for me earlier. But not on the PS3. That’s still several minutes.

    • Yeah it was too good to be true, mine is back to the same as before, lol. About 20 seconds so not too bad but still an annoyance.

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