Here’s What Lu Bu Looks Like In Dynasty Warriors 9

With each numbered instalment, fans have delighted in sifting through the Dynasty Warriors rosters to see how their favourite heroes are looking. Fighting game fans can relate though not many games from that genre boast a character count of 80+.

Everyone has their preferred group of generals they like to take into battle. Being a Shu fan, I’ll often go for Pang Tong, Wei Yan, and Ma Chao. One character that manages to catch everyone’s eye however, if the legendary Lu Bu.

For those unacquainted with DW lore, this guy is a beast. In Dynasty Warriors 9, he retains that same memorable stature and plumage, halberd in-hand. Sometimes it’s nice to have crazy departures though it will be great to see the cast brought to life in a game not hampered by the older PS3/Xbox 360 engine.

Koei Tecmo didn’t stop there, revealing one new character, Man Chong, and designs for the returning Lu Xun, Sun Shangxiang, as well as Zhou Cang.

There’s no word on a release date just yet. Perhaps we’ll hear more at this year’s TGS?

Source: Gematsu

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