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See The High Elves Battling Lizardmen In Total War: Warhammer II

Let's Play High Elves!

Creative Assembly have delved into the High Elves Army from Total War: Warhammer II, showing off a bunch of units from the army and how they fare in battle against the Lizardmen led by Lord Mazdamundi.

The High Elves are a very defensive army, using powerful archers and artillery to stall an advance before holding them off in melee combat and then striking back with elemental beasts, the standard Flamespire Phoenix and its Frostheart variant, and the Dragon Princes of Caledor shock cavalry unit. The Phoenix in particular looks fantastic.

While a separate release with four different races and a brand new continent to battle on, this builds upon the original Total War: Warhammer. In fact, if you own both games you’ll be able to fight a grand campaign that spans both continents.

Total War: Warhammer II is out on September 28th for PC.

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