Tricky Towers Coming To Xbox One Later In 2017

Around a month back, I got rather hooked on the little play on Tetris called Tricky Towers, with its quirky take on competetive and puzzling tower building. Released back in August of last year for PS4 – where it debuted in PlayStation Plus – Windows, Mac and Linux, Weird Beard have now announced that it’s coming to Xbox One in 2017.

On the way over to Microsoft’s platform, it’s picking up some new content in the form of a temporarily exclusive single player mode. It’s a common occurrence when games come to Xbox later than other platforms, but thankfully this mode will eventually be rolled out for PS4 and PC gamers as well.


Secondly, there’s a new DLC pack for the game featuring a bunch of new tower building characters to play as, themed around other indie games. You’ll be able to play as the Fish from Nuclear Throne, Clunk from Awesomenauts, the dad from Octodad, Thane from Armello, Candy Man from Lethal League, and the Last of the Order from TowerFall.

To celebrate, the game is currently 60% off, pushing it under the £5 mark, and you can save on the DLC as well, with a stacking 10% discount for each of the featured games that you own, which adds up to a potential 60% saving. Then again, the DLC is £2.79 on PS Store and £1.99 on Steam, so I’d almost rather there wasn’t a discount!

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  1. One of my favourite PS+ games, great for a quick game with friends.

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