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Check Out F1 2017's Expansive New Career Mode

Everyone's invited.

Career modes in racing games have stagnated for quite some time, and it’s something that’s been most keenly felt in licensed sports, as I wrote a couple months ago. Codemasters, however, have different ideas, with a new trailer that shows of an expansive and much more diverse career mode in F1 2017 compared to the procession of races that we’ve seen over the years.

In addition to the main series of race weekends, there will now also be invitational events at various points in an F1 season. They’ll tap into the game’s 12 classic cars featuring overtake challenges, pursuit events,  checkpoint and time attacks.

Beyond that, the depth of the main season has  been added to with a much more extensive R&D tree, with 115 research points for you to explore.  There’s new practice programmes to tackle and more  important has been put on managing your car’s engine and gearbox to avoid replacements and grid penalties.

Lee Mather, Creative Director, says: “The Career Mode was a big hit last year and we are building on those incredibly strong foundations to create an even deeper, more rounded experience for F1 2017. We have added female driver avatars, new paddock locations and a new character as well as greatly increasing the scope for developing your team and car. All of this, we feel, combined with the addition of the iconic classic cars this year, means that F1 2017 offers gamers the ultimate F1 experience yet.”

F1 2017 is out on 25th August for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: press release

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  1. tonyyeb
    Since: Aug 2010

    I’m sure McLaren will be chuffed to see their car have an engine failure in the trailer, ha! At least it is realistic…

    Comment posted on 04/08/2017 at 14:50.
    • Stefan L
      Community Team
      Since: May 2009

      Well the last trailer had Palmer binning his Renault into a tyre wall… right before a race weekend where he binned it into a tyre wall!

      Comment posted on 06/08/2017 at 22:20.
      • tonyyeb
        Since: Aug 2010

        Haha didn’t notice that! Maybe one of the career challenges will be “Drive as Palmer and stop Robert Kubica from taking your seat” – This will have a difficulty rating of “Impossible”.

        Comment posted on 07/08/2017 at 08:55.