Hinterland Promise To Keep Patching The Long Dark, “Not At All Happy” With The Launch

Hinterland have apologised for the issues that can be found in the current builds of The Long Dark on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with Creative Director Raphael van Lierop posting that he wanted to say “How sorry I am for the state of the Xbox and PS4 versions at launch.”

There’s a rather lengthy blog post explaining exactly how the patching procedure works, along with details about the certification processes set by Microsoft and Sony, the TL:DR version of which is ‘It’s takes a while and they are working very hard to fix things.’ It’s also been revealed that the European PS4 build still doesn’t have the day one patch, it failed certification “due to a well-known crash” which Sony America didn’t seem to mind about.


Clarification: While European certification with SIEE is holding up progress of the game in the EU, there have been a number of patches for the game on US PS4s. They are currently up to version 1.07, following 1.06’s stability update on Tuesday and the bundled together trio of patches that were there at launch. They contain numerous bug fixes and tweaks to checkpointing as well as certain changes to balance, including surviving wolf attacks. Our review was based off the US release of the game prior to the release of the 1.06 update.

I was really looking forward to The Long Dark, just two week’s ago when the story trailer dropped I said it was “certainly ticking all the boxes for me” so it’s such a shame it’s a bit of a mess.  Here’s some more from Raphael.

I’m not at all happy with how our launch has gone.

We didn’t anticipate some of the issues that would arise at launch and we’ve been, frankly, scrambling to fix things as quickly as we can for you. Although it may not seem like it, we did extensive testing in-house, and also had 8 testers from a professional testing lab working on the game for the last 8 weeks of development, to help us identify issues. We caught and fixed a lot of issues before launch. Some things that have come up, were impossible to anticipate up front. Other things slipped through due to carelessness on our part. In hindsight, the amount of content we released in Episode one and Episode Two was too much for our team to test properly, even with external help. We took for granted that 3 yrs of Early Access testing and stability would translate to a very stable Story Mode launch, and we did not fully understand until too late, the scope of some of the technical issues that would be uncovered by our launch.

Our goal over the coming days and weeks will be to continue fixing all the issues we find and you report (thank you!), and get the game to the place it should have been when we launched it. After that, we will be spending some time in deeper investigation of what went wrong, to see how we can improve our processes, pipelines, testing tools, and the technology we’re using, to ensure we never put you through this again.

I know reading this message doesn’t give you much comfort if you are waiting for an Xbox patch because you can’t get through Episode Two, or you are playing the European PS4 version that is missing fixes from the last 4-5 days, but I hope at least that you will understand that we are working very hard — along with our partners at Microsoft, Sony America, and Sony Europe — to remedy the issues, which we take very seriously.

We’ll continue to be available to support you and answer questions, and in the mean time we’re working to fix issues and get those fixes out to you as quickly as we’re able, more quickly on some platforms than others.

Thanks for reading, and I’m very sorry for the instability, bugs, and patch delays.

– Raphael

Source: Hinterland

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  1. Good to know, hopefully it’ll be enough to address the issues you found with it TC.

  2. If its in sucg a poor state why has it not been pulled from the store?

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