F1 2017 Patches Fix ‘DSQ’ Multiplayer And Component Wear Rate Issues


A handful of nagging issues disrupted the launch of the otherwise excellent F1 2017 at the end of last week. Multiplayer races would often result in all players being disqualified in a quirk that had seemingly appeared after or escaped the watchful eyes of the closed beta testing. This and a handful of other issues have now been fixed with the release of version 1.04 on Tuesday (for PS4 and PC) and now with 1.05 today (for PS4, Xbox One and PC).

The patch notes are as follows.

Version 1.04:

  • The McLaren MP4/4 is now available for selection in Multiplayer modes for players with the Special Edition.
  • Players will no longer be incorrectly disqualified from Multiplayer sessions.

Version 1.05:

  • A missing gear fault will always be fixed after swapping out a worn gearbox for a new one.
  • Fixed a crash seen loading in to any Multiplayer session.
  • Reduced the amount of gearbox and engine wear when playing 25% distance races.

There are still a number of other bugs that the community are complaining about on the Codemasters forums, and it’s not known what further issues Codies have identifies and are working on fixing. Hopefully they can update fans on that soon.

In the meantime, at least multiplayer won’t be afflicted by randomised results pages anymore!

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  1. This pretty much deals with the essentials. Glad to see them fixing it pronto.

  2. The online aspect of F1 games is the real crux and to be fair, where the party is, should have been prioritised. Career is usually same same….samey samey!

    I love Formula 1 and still an avid follower of the sport but the thought of playing through another virtual same game career for the millionth time just turns me off. Fell out of love with the genre pre F1 2015…probs before :(

    Good to hear that online issues are being addressed ;)

    • I’d agree with that on the career front, but it’s even got me hooked this time round. The R&D, component wear, and difficulty slider really makes it quite an enjoyable journey, especially with cars being easier to push hard on circuit.

    • Being able to do a full season with the classic cars is a great addition, as is the ‘events’. Apart from the first few hours trying the 2017 cars all my time has been spent racing classic cars.

  3. Glad to see if has been fixed quickly, just need to sort out the skewed player statistics, otherwise multiplayer is fantastic.

    My gearbox and engine components lasted 2 races on career (25% race distance), my 4th gear was non existent at Bahrain! Thought i was just doing a terrible job at looking after the car, happy to find out it was a bug.

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