Epic Accidentally Let PS4 And Xbox One Players Battle Together On Fortnite

It seems that enabling cross-platform play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers is a simple configuration setting, as Epic games mistakenly let PlayStation 4 players battle against Xbox One gamers on Fortnite today.

Fornite players on Reddit suddenly noticed PSN ID’s popping up in Xbox One games, easy to spot as PlayStation IDs do not allow a space and Xbox One does. Later a father and son teamed up, one on Xbox and the other on PlayStation.

This evening Epic confirmed that cross platform play had been enabled, “We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected,” an Epic spokesperson told Eurogamer.

Microsoft have said that they are continuing discussions with Sony regarding cross-platform play but so far the Japanese giant is refusing to allow the feature.

Source: Eurogamer

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  1. Wish more companies would “accidentally” do this to show how easy and genuinely user friendly the entire thing is.

  2. Ahhh, Microsoft pretending Sony are the bad guys… Epic viral PR stunt, classic scumbag Microsoft… Unless you have seen Microsoft’s T&C’s for access, how could anyone possibly know who are the bad guys????

    The is really a non issue, as Xbox doesn’t have any decent games anyway, do cross platform play is moot.

    • How is this prick not banned yet?!

    • Microsoft aren’t saying Sony are the bad guys, and Sony aren’t saying that Microsoft are the bad guys. And your argument based on exclusive titles to state that cross platform play is moot is irrational, as you can only have cross platform play if a game is on multiple platforms.

      Anyway, we’ve tired of your trolling and incendiary attitude. You add nothing to the discussions, and so you’re done. You will not be given any further chances through creating new accounts.

  3. Sony is not going to allow this to happen Sony are leading the platform war & want people to buy PlayStation products to play games not MS ones.

  4. Until the Sony players pressure Sony to allow it it just won’t happen. Be nice if it does though.

  5. This is rather frustrating. Despite owning all the current-gen consoles, I still love the idea of being able to play certain games cross-platform so I don’t in very rare cases have to buy them twice or even so I don’t have to be cut off from friends across all platforms. To hear it can be this simple, ugh.

    I’m currently awaiting a DriveHub unit to arrive to allow me to use a single steering wheel on all platforms. So much better when the barriers are broken down.

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