See Rise Of The Tomb Raider In 4K On Xbox One X

It feels like we’ve been here before, doesn’t it? Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One is hardly a surprise, but for us to be playing it on Xbox One X does have some novelty. Catch our play through of part of the Syria level in the game in glorious 4K below.

This is the work of Square Enix’s go-to porting house Nixxes, and we’ve been here before in a lot of ways with the PC version of the game a few months into 2016 and then the PlayStation 4 Pro release around this time last year which reached 4K via checkerboarding. The Xbox One X one ups both of these with full, native 4K at 30 frames per second and a few other options for higher frame rates, adds in the higher resolution textures available from the PC version, some boosted effects work and the use of HDR and Dolby Atmos 3D audio, both of which are firsts for the game.


We don’t have the footage or tools to replicate the work of Digital Foundry in analysing and comparing, but Rise on Xbox One X does look fantastic in native 4K, though it is worth noting that this capture is missing out on HDR. Yes, it looks great on PS4 Pro as well, and it might be difficult for many to spot the differences, but it’s another small step forward for the game and it’s great to see the continued support.

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  1. Has there been an HDR patch for the pro version? Last time I checked it wasn’t in HDR.

    • The Xbox One X update will be the first we see of HDR on any platform. They’ve talked about HDR over a year ago for the PC version of the game, but nothing came of it at that time. Hopefully it’ll spread to other versions of the game as well, but I can see them drawing a line under the development costs of doing so as well.

      • Aah, OK, cheers. You would have thought they’ll release a patch for PC & PS4 at the same time. I’ve almost bought it a few times but I’ve been waiting for a patch if it ever comes.

  2. This game has become the show pony for graphical differences. 360-X1-PC-PsPro-X1X.

    • Its of course not really a fair comparison of hardware capabilities, and the PS4 versions are fully capable of running the HDR versions if such a thing existed, so it’s an artificial comparison based on a 2 year old game that’s had varying degrees of work done on it.

      Let’s wait for something to to get the real comparison and not something that Microsoft has paid money to enhance…

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