Agents Of Mayhem Developer Volition Suffers From Layoffs

While Volition enjoyed a fair amount of praise and success with the Saints Row series, Agents of Mayhem did not go quite so well for them, with rather indifferent reviews and sales that hardly lit up the sales charts.

It’s this lacking performance that is behind the reported layoffs at the company, with 30 members from the team of around 200 being laid off, including general manager Dan Cermak. That’s the reasoning that Kotaku heard from three sources, but it should be said that it’s not unusual for studios to scale back after the completion of a project and before the start of full production of the next.


Whatever the reason, it’s not great to see game developers losing their jobs, so we hope that all those affected manage to land on their feet elsewhere soon.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. I quite like Agents of Mayhem, about half way through it. Reminds me of the shows I used to watch in the 80’s

    Shame when anyone loses their jobs, hopefully the guys find something soon.

  2. Got the Platinum earlier today,enjoyed it though quite a few bugs and grinding online contracts was getting to me towards end,shame about the layoffs.

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