Planet Coaster 1.4 Anniversary Update Will Add A Staff Building, Picnic Benches, Scenarios & More

Coming up on year after release, Planet Coaster has firmly cemented it as the best theme park management game in a long, long time. For the anniversary, Frontier are preparing update 1.4 with a new layer of staff management, picnic benches – which got the biggest cheer of the show – a bunch of new coasters to pop into your park, and a scenario editor available for all.

While players have long requested a staff building, Frontier have made sure it’s attached to gameplay, so that all the vendor staff can now leave their posts and head back to the staff building to recharge their energy bars which now deplete. The staff building is also tied to training, so they no longer learn on the job and you can add perks that boost the staff performance when out and about.

There’s also four new rides being added, which will mean the game now has double the number of coasters the game had at launch. Three have been revealed today – Wise Horn, a spinning vintage style ride, Cascade, the game’s first water coaster, and Hop the Gaps, a rickety old wooden coaster. Adding further variety, you’ll be able to switch the cars on a coaster for realistic alternatives… or flip the override switch and put effectively whatever cars you want on the track, even if it’s a bit outlandish.

Finally, there’s the public release of a scenario editor, exposing all the scenario creating tools that the devs use (polished up for public consumption) and letting you share your creations on Steam Workshop.

There’s more to come, from details of the scenario editor to that fourth coaster, which Frontier will be going through and revealing in their livestreams. We’ll add video and trailers as soon as they’re available.

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