Standalone Oculus Go Headset Announced For $199

One of the barriers to VR adoption is the need for other devices to power the headsets, and one by one, companies are coming out with standalone headsets and technologies that can be used independently.

Oculus Go is the long rumoured device from Oculus and Facebook, set to cost $199 and coming in Q1 2018


Announced it at the Oculus Connect event today, the device will be lightweight, feature a new revision of the lenses in the Oculus Rift, sport a 2560×1440 LCD display that’s higher resolution than Oculus Rift, “sweet spot” processing between PC headsets and mobile, and feature spatial audio. Most importantly, you don’t need to tether it to PC or mobile.

Source: Oculus via Polygon

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  1. I don’t get it… Does this run full on AAA games or is it just for YouTube and ‘experiences’ stuff…?

    • It’ll have “over 1000” games and experiences. I think they’re counting every 360 degree video they can find as one of those 1000.

      It looks like Google’s Daydream thing really. Except rather than stick that phone you’ve already got in, you can pay $199 (presumably £199?) instead.

      VR for people who didn’t know they wanted VR and don’t have a phone seems to be the point of it. I’m sure that’ll be a huge market. Although I might be being sarcastic there.

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