Classic FM’s High Score Video Game Music Show Will Return In November

Hosted by Jessica Curry, the BAFTA winning composer and co-founder of The Chinese Room, Classic FM’s High Score series based around exploring the music in video games is returning for a second series. It will start on Saturday 4th November at 9PM and enjoy a six week run, with themes such as love and quests bookended by requests shows.

Jessica Curry said, “I couldn’t be more thrilled to present a second series of High Score for Classic FM. The first series was so much fun to do and the huge response that the show received was absolutely incredible. I’m just over the moon that people enjoyed it. I’m raring to go on the next one and can’t wait to hear what people come up with for the requests shows!”


The first series was broadcast in April and May of this year, helping to bolster Classic FM’s ratings significantly with younger generations. 1.2 million under-35s tuned in and there was a 30% boost in under-25s listening to the station, as well becoming a staple of the Listen Again catch up service.

“We were so encouraged by the response to the first series of High Score,” said Sam Jackson, Classic FM’s managing editor. “Since the launch of Classic FM 25 years ago, the station has been a pioneer and aimed to break down the barriers to classical music, so we can’t wait for the new series. It’s also great to welcome back Jessica. With her music enjoyed by millions around the world, she has proved to be the perfect host of the series, showcasing video game music to our 5.8 million weekly listeners, but also introducing fans of the genre to Classic FM.”

I’ll have to remember to tune in next month, but until then I’ll be catching up on the first series. Find more information over on the Classic FM website.

Source: Classic FM via Engadget


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