F1 2017 Receives Season Update With Updated Cars & Photo Mode On Consoles

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Lots of people love a good photo mode, and it was slightly disappointing when Codemasters released F1 2017 that this was a PC exclusive feature. With patch 1.9 for the game, it is exclusive no more and available for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One alongside updated liveries for all the cars, as well as updated car performance from the current season.

Patch 1.8 added a spectator mode, and Codies have refined this further, adding a TV-style element to the left hand side of the screen, so you can now see the running order. It will adapt to show the gap to the race leader, gap between cars, position changes, fastest lap times, tyre compound, and when cars are pitting or on their out lap. Spectators will be able to pick and choose the details it shows or simply turn it off.

Enabling the esports and more competitive multiplayer side of things, both PS4 and PC now have LAN play available to them, and there’s a grid editor in custom multiplayer lobbies.

Source: Codemasters

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  1. The only difference I noticed about the updated liveries was the names on the shark fins, but I wasn’t looking too closely.

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