Gears Of War 4’s Xbox One X Enhancements Detailed

As Microsoft gear up for the release of the Xbox One X in a fortnight’s time on 7th November, they and their partners are releasing a whole bunch of game updates to add enhancements to their games for the new console. Obviously, Microsoft’s in house teams are expected to deliver as well, and so The Coalition have detailed exactly what players can expect from Gears of War 4’s One X enhancements.

First and foremost, this updated game will deliver on the “True 4K” buzzphrase that Microsoft have latched onto, with a native 3840×2160 frame size. Just as on base Xbox One hardware, this will accompany the standard 30fps in Campaign and Horde mode, while using an adaptive resolution will be used to hit 60fps in versus mode. However, if you so wish, you can choose performance over visuals and drop the Campaign and Horde modes down to 1080p with 60fps.

Alongside this, the game will have enhanced graphics in a number of other ways. Character textures are bumped up a notch, the draw distance is pulled further away from the player, reflections are now higher resolution, dynamic shadows now react more realistically and light shafts will live up to their ‘God Rays’ moniker just that bit better.

On the audio side of things, there’s full Dolby Atmos support for enhanced positional audio.

Source: Xbox

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