Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Coming To Smartphones In November

Taking a break from running around a small town, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Nintendo’s next crack at the smartphone market, will take you camping in November. There’s no specific date, but it will be out for both iOS and Android.


Giving you the job of camp manager, it’s a familiar mix of Animal Crossing gameplay, as you run around chatting to animals and visitors to your camp, as well as doing menial tasks to earn the cash or resources to craft the things you want.

For example, the Direct showed the player bumping into Goldie who wanted some apples, running over to shake down a tree and coming back rewarded her with a bunch of items including cotton, which can be used with Cyrus to put in a Craft Order for a couch. Place someone’s favourite furniture and they’ll come to visit, boosting that particular animal’s friendship level.

Tom Nook returns with the Leaf Tickets system, which are an all purpose Joker that you can substitute for any material you’re missing. You earn these through regular play or they can be bought with real money, as this game’s microtransactions.

Building larger scale amenities, such as a little pool, will take Cyrus a long time – in classic mobile game form – and this can be sped up if you want to spend some Leaf Tickets to persuade him. Thankfully, Leaf Tickets can also be earned by completing in-game goals, so it’s not just a microtransaction currency.

Outside of the camp, there’s an island, beach, forest, river and more to explore and visit with your camper. Head to these places and you might be able to catch butterflies, grab some coral or go fishing – get yourself a throw net for speedier fishing! – and these items will often be in demand with the animals who are hanging out at these locations. Time passes in real time, so playing at night will be night time in game and different animals will appear, and there will be seasonal events to try and keep you coming back.

Market Place is the shopping destination, where you’ll bump into Timmy and Tommy of Nookling Global, Able Sisters To Go and Kicks who offer up fancy furniture and clothing, respectively – as you’d expect, the shop selection changes over time. Just as you can customise your own appearance, you can customise your camper’s interior and exterior as well, helped by OK Motors. Typically, you probably won’t have enough cash on hand for that RV extension, but can get a loan of Bells, which you can earn from most activities in game.

Of course, there’s the social aspect to this game, and other camp managers will come to visit – you can also curate your own list of friends. Chatting to them lets you exchange bells for items, visit their own custom camp site, and give them some kudos if they deserve it.

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  1. Love me a bit of A/C. Let’s hope Ninty don’t stink it up with obscene levels of microtransactions etc. I can cope with Tom Nook fleecing me in-game but in real life less so…..

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