Unboxing One Xbox One X From One Big Brown Box

Brace yourself for another of our slightly terrible unboxing videos, this time featuring the Xbox One X which we unbox from a big brown box. Microsoft have provided us with a review unit and a ton of games to try out on it, which we’ll be reporting back on later this week. Join us again soon to see how big a step up over the original Xbox One it is and how it compares to Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro!

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  1. I do love a good unboxing, very nice Tef. Microsoft have been very generous with all those game codes, hope you enjoy all that! It’s a very sleek little box, they’ve done a lovely job on the styling. How’s the noise on it?
    It definitely looks like you opened the XBox One X Box from the bottom of the box, but then you’d have us belive that it was the top, what is this fake truth you are trying to slide by our eagle visions? I buy it not.

    • Fun fact, the bottom part of the brown box actually opens out making the Xbox One X Box (one X box one X) much easier to take out of it, and didn’t I add text to fess up to opening the box from the bottom? I’m 100% an idiot.

      Can confirm my eardrums are intact and that downloading dozens of games is a right laugh on a basic 8Mbps internet connection…

      • You did fess up, sorry I couldn’t help but splurge out the ridiculous hash tag I was very pleased with :) Good to hear, or not to, that it’s quiet. I’m only curious because my PS4 is starting to go full hovercraft, despite a good cleaning every now and then, I’d be tempted by this if I were to upgrade to 4K.
        And with regards to slow speed I feel your pain, I’m currently fostering a mates PS4 while it internet’s itslf blind. The poor guy is a teacher and with his rubbish flakey 2Mbps couldn’t download and update Destiny 2 to enjoy over half term.

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