Fortnite Passes 20 Million Players, Battle Royale Will Soon Let You Hide In A Bush

Suspicious bushes.

Epic’s Fortnite is motoring along really well for the company, as they’ve announced that they’ve now passed 20 million players across both the cooperative version of the game and the free to play battle royale version. Obviously, without clarifying between the two, it’s a meaningless statistic when trying to compare its player base with the staggeringly popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which itself recently passed the 18 million mark just a few days ago.

Beyond that though, Epic have an exciting new feature to announce for Battle Royale: bushes.

Your move, PUBG. Your move…

via PlayStation Lifestyle

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  1. I’d imagine the vast majority are for the free to play battle royale mode. There aren’t a huge amount playing the paid for mode.

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