What We Played #331 – Call Of Duty: WWII, Star Wars Battlefront II & Destiny 2


It’s that time of the week again already! I’ve been down to the capital this week to talk to Naoki Yoshida about all things Final Fantasy XIV, and while I was there I had a mooch around, including some shopping in Oxford Circus. It’s clear that as far as the shops are concerned, Christmas is well and truly here, and really as far as the game world is concerned, there’s not too much left to come now. Largely you’ll have decided what you want from your significant others – Assassin’s Creed Origins and South Park: The Fractured But Whole, if my wife happens to glance at this screen – and we can all sit and merrily wait for the 25th of December. Or… you can do what I did and buy a “gift to yourself” which turned out to be an Xbox One X, causing much grumbling about “having nothing to buy you for Christmas”.

I’ve been playing Need for Speed Payback, though the surprisingly long story means that it’ll be next week for our review. It’s pretty fun, but not likely to be challenging anyone for best racer of the year. I’ve also been diving into some of the 4K stuff on the One X, including a return to Halo 5. It looks pretty amazing, and reminded me just how much I like Halo multiplayer. Besides that I’ve also been taking a look at the updated Zoo Tycoon with my son, and continuing to enjoy Super Mario Odyssey.

Tuffcub has played Destiny 2 a bit with Tony, Geoff and a few others, but still hasn’t done the raid as he can’t find enough people to do it. He’s also played Kholat, and was hoping that two years on they’d have fixed the performance issues that were mentioned in our review. Apparently they have not. He played for ten minutes, put back in the envelope and returned it like a boomerang. Finally, he’s been mopping up collectibles and trophies in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, where the new trials are ridiculous hard compared to the ones found in the orginal game!

Jake has played lots of Super Mario Odyssey yet again this week, but has also slipped back into Darksiders II Definitive Edition and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Aran meanwhile has played Wolfenstein 2’s first DLC content which is seemingly a good introduction to where Machine Games are taking the franchise. He’s also finished Nier Automata, getting all five main endings as well as a few optional ones, and started Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice as well, which so far is very interesting.

Jim has been more or less dedicated to Call of Duty: WWII. He flew through the campaign first (on Veteran) which is good but nothing particularly ground-breaking for the series. It’s multiplayer where WWII really shines, and proves that sometimes less can often be more. There are one or two maps he’s already come to loathe, but for the most part it’s been great. He’s also been playing Overwatch at the same time which probably hasn’t done it any favours despite Sledgehammer’s efforts to change things up a bit.

Miguel has started Destiny 2 on PC, and it’s Destiny. On PC. He also started playing Just Cause 3 on PS4 expecting it to be a broken mess so he could finally delete it, but while there’s been a crash, a freeze, and some slowdown, he’s honestly been having a bunch of fun with it! Dave hasn’t had a stellar week, as Sonic Forces was probably the best thing he played, despite it being an utterly forgettable game as a whole. He also finally managed to finish Morphite which in hindsight was probably not ideal to play on Switch. The handheld also some action for Doom, though it just reminded him why he can’t properly play first-person shooters at 30FPS. Finally there was Kirby Battle Royale which he would be finished with if it wasn’t for a punishing final challenge.

Steve has hand plenty to play this week;

Polished off the traumatic Senua’s Sacrifice which was a superb ludic treatment of mental illness and a beautiful game. The audio design when played through headphones is up there with Doom as the best I’ve experienced. I also rattled through Samus Returns which was fun but a little generic (ironically); cementing my preference for the Prime series over the 2d ones.

Following those I’ve been replaying The Last of Us for an academic paper I’m writing on fungal zombies, which is still impressive graphically but feels somewhat dated in its pseudo-stealth and waist high walls everywhere. Still far more charm on display than the trailer has shown of 2 so far which seems to be going for ‘grimdark’. Also putting some time into Elex which is the very definition of a ‘you’ll like this if you like this kind of game’; fortunately for me, I do.

Lastly we have Tef, who’s been playing a bunch of Star Wars Battlefront II ahead of our review next week. He’s also continued to play around with the Xbox One X, exploring the games that have been enhanced for the system, and popped into Super Mario Odyssey for a few more moon hunting sessions.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. More of the seemingly never ending Assassins Creed Origins. 40 hours and counting…

  2. Horizon Frozen Wilds for me. The improvements over the main game are subtle but welcome, especially the character dialogue which is noticeably better. The difficulty is spot on for me, a perfect two or three steps up. In the main game the shielded armour was overpowered and felt like a massive cheat but now it’s a godsend and feels like the perfect backup plan for tackling the new robots, who are utterly badass and rock hard to fight when they outnumber you. And that snow, wow, it looks so beautiful and even more incredible, it sounds astoundingly real! Guerilla, please sell the snow tech to EA and demand that they make more SSX!!
    Good to know you’re enjoying Need For Speed Dom, I’m really looking forward to it myself.
    Dunno if anyone was aware of the Sainsbury’s double Nectar points thing but it’s on for about a fortnight, I plan on turning my £20 worth of points into a £40 voucher and then paying pocket money for Mario. Kaching!

    • I still find it rather ridiculous that a little girl with a bow smashes those massive machines, even if that happens in the snow. Just wanted to let you know. ;o)

      • Girl Power! Spoiler alert, the massive machines are actually made of tin foil, straws and loo rolls. The apocalypse was all Blue Peter’s doing.

    • Well, that would explain a lot..! :o)

      Just to make sure I’m not misunderstood: wouldn’t make a difference if it was a little boy.
      I actually prefer playing as a female character in some games, e.g. I played as a girl in The Division, as all the lads looked so plain stupid.

      • I believe you dude :) I know what you mean, it’s sort of refreshing to de-lad games by choosing not to be one. I really like Aloy as a character, bows vs Zords aside it’s great that she’s hard as nails from the very beginning. Did you play Horizon?

    • No, I’ve still not played it, but it’s fun to give your opinion about things you have no clue of. I should do that more often… ;o)

  3. Bits and pieces of all sorts of stuff this week, mostly.

    And the PS+ games. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is enormous fun, until you get to the spiders. Why did it have to be spiders?? Some things to collect still, 2 levels to beat on “insane” difficulty, and some trophies for dying and I’ll be done. Once I do it on “psychotic”, which seems to involve the whole game without dying. That’ll be annoying.

    Also, Kingdom Hearts was on sale. The 1.5 + 2.5 Remix thing. So that’ll also keep me busy for months. And now I’ve got the music from halloween town stuck in my head.

  4. Well I’ve had a bit of a naff gaming week due to issues with my game rental sub… Missed out on AC Origins because Royal Mail misplaced my previous return. So now I am waiting for someone to return their copy of AC, so I can rent it. Not good.

    Then I purchased the Frozen Wilds DLC on the PSN and re-rented Horizon Zero Dawn. But the copy I received was an AU region disc, which wasn’t compatible with my original EU save and 100% completed file. Ugh. So I had to return the AU disc and should receive an EU copy tomorrow.

    I did manage to play COD WWII which I enjoyed for the most part. It’s a sensationalised re-telling of events for sure, which was expected (it is COD after all) but I would have preferred a more realistic and heartfelt approach. There are some great missions but overall it failed to leave a lasting impression. I’ll stick with Band of Brothers / SPR for my WWII fix I think.

    Finally, I completed Artifex Mundi’s Nightmares of the Deep: The Cursed Heart. This is what happens when Royal Mail let you down… I should be climbing Pyramids and slaying giant mechanical beasts, but no, I’m playing a hidden object game about dreadfully voice-acted zombie pirates. To be fair, it hasn’t been a completely awful experience but it’s a poor substitute for what I should have been playing :(

  5. An academic paper on fungal zombies? Good choice of topic. :o) I’ve definitely done the wrong studies at university, but that was in a former life…

    Had a very busy week, preparing and giving a conference talk to quite a few people, so I had little time for gaming. After that I needed something relaxing, so started to play Telltale’s Game of Thrones, which we got with Plus some time ago. But I’ll probably also get their Batman game which is on sale right now.

    By the way: have you changed anything on the TSA website? Whenever I send a comment on my mobile, the screen goes blank, I have to go back and reload the page to see my comment appear. Has been like that for about a week now. But it’s well possible it’s my Firefox on Android 7.x.

    • It’s been like that for a while now. I don’t think you receive notifications either.

      • Ok, thanks, so it’s not just me. Correct, there’s no notifications anymore either.

  6. I’m still on with the delightful Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Sliding down the great Pyramid of Giza was great, flying my eagle across the entirety of Ancient Egypt was even better.

  7. I started the week with extreme toothache so when I got my Xbox One X on Tuesday I wasn’t expecting much from it. Wow was I wrong, even in pain I fell in love with it. Assassin’s Creed Origins is by far the best what I’ve played so far on it. I played Fallout 4 today on it which is also great on it. Fallout 4 is pretty much the only game is want to really play from backwards compatible though. Forza 7 is ok. I’ve still loads to try on it…

  8. Mostly Prey this week, it’s really good with elements of Half Life, Dead Space, Bioshock and Dishonored in it’s genes.

    And the Plus content, a few rounds of Worms Battlegrounds, campaign is actually different from all the other Worms games before so i’ll keep that on my hdd for a bit. And i can’t remember the name of it now but the one that i thought looked Goldenaxe-y is indeed Goldenaxe-y. So i’ll keep that too.

    Then i checked out a few of the new PSVR demos, Tiny Trax is simply of the overhead racing genre which i’ve never really enjoyed. Moss and StarChild look great but they aren’t the kind of game to make me put on a VR headset. The Persistence was more appealing to me. It had it’s flaws but the rogue-like nature means i’ll probably get another few goes out of the demo yet ;)

    • WTF, no (no-no, no n’no-no, no n’no-no, no-no) no No Man’s Sky?

      • Was that a 2 Unlimited or the Jim Trott from Vicar of Dibley reference! :)
        Too much to be getting on with as i try to clear some backlog before Skyrim VR, so yes, no No Man’s Sky this week. – but i did find time to make this NMS poster in Sharefactory (and as it turned out rather nice i had an A3-size print done for my wall) …

      • Haha, it was 2 Unlimited but great call on the Jim Trott reference! And I like the poster, nice work, very pretty.

  9. I’ve given the Manufacturers tests a go in GTS but I’m baffled with the scoring system. One race I got pole, led every lap and won which gave me 97 points. Another I came 11th and got 150+ points. The first race had 16 entrants and the second 19.

  10. Both my kids have had nasty stomach bugs this week so my gaming time has been limited.

    Made a start on CoD WW2 which has been good so far. Looks nice, plays great and it does a good job of nailing that war atmosphere.

    Other than that I played on my brothers Xbox One X for a few minutes yesterday. Super jealous. Forza7 looks wonderful

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