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Starblood Arena Patch 1.07 Out November 21st, Adds Bots To Ranked Multiplayer

Putting in some artificial life support.

Whitemoon Dreams has confirmed that patch 1.07 for PSVR title Starblood Arena will be available on November 21st, and the main addition to the game will be bots in the ranked multiplayer matches. The studio has confirmed that killing bots will not affect leaderboard rankings but will reward XP, exactly like how it is done in single player.

Additionally the new bots will feature randomised attachments and weapons. All ranked matches will now feature eight players too with the matchmaking system seeing improvements, which will lead to faster connections to others. The spawn time for power ups has been decreased to 45 seconds while respawns will be 65 seconds.

You can see the full list of changes below:


  • Added bots to ranked multiplayer matches – Bot kills/deaths will not affect leaderboards or ranking, XP will still be earned (just like single player bots)
  • The new bots of StarBlood Arena feature randomized ship attachments, paint schemes and skins
  • Hand picked names assigned to each bot to reflect their place in the SBA universe
  • Improved matchmaking flow. With the addition of bots, we’ve done work server side to optimize human and bot connection. Matches will start much sooner and humans will always be prioritized when filling a server
  • All Ranked matches will now be full, 8 player games
  • Single Player Bots system updated with new custom, randomized bots as well

Improvements to Crew System

  • More than 4 Players can now join a crew (Up to 8, excluding Invaders mode.)
  • Crews with more than 4 players will be randomized in team based events
  • Crews will now be allowed to play ranked Carnage matches

Improvements to Gridiron and Power-ups

  • Quarry / Outpost / Comet Station / Ascent / Innerspace / Altar / Grotto / Sanctum Gridiron goals and ball spawn locations have been adjusted for a more competitive, balanced experience
  • Power ups spawn time has been reduced to 45 seconds, and respawn time has been reduced to 65 seconds – allowing for 4 power ups in a normal 5 minute match, and 5 in an overtime scenario
  • Power-ups have been updated across all maps except: Graveyard / Outpost / & Altar to include a better mix (IE, replacing vampshot/exposure for supercharged/quickshot/ or fortified). Some placements have been changed as well where needed to support Gridiron changes


  • Fixed damage over time bug (Associated with high level Plasma Rounds mod for Baron, Blade and TikTakToh)

Source: Official Starblood Arena Site


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