The Steep Road To The Olympics Open Beta Starts This Week

Video games are confusing aren’t they? Pay-to-win, XP grinding, weapons stats, team objectives, free trials that are actually free-to-play, and now a beta for a game that’s been out for a year. Ubisoft have announced an open beta for Steep Road To The Olympics, a name that really, really, needs a colon because at present it sounds like there’s a bloody big hill you have to climb to get to a sporting competition.

The beta will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and will feature five challenges including a free-roam area in Japan with Snowboarding and Wingsuit challenges,  whilst a trip to South Korea includes Downhill and Big Air events. The beta will run from 28th November until 4th December, and if you are top of the Downhill leaderboard at the end of the beta you could win a trip to the actual winter Olympics.

Source: YouTube

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