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Play With Gravity & Giant Units In Total War: Warhammer II's Free 'The Laboratory' Mode

Lab rats.

Those pesky Skaven are up to their madcap experiments once again, but this time it’s not just warpstone that’s got them tripping, they’ve also got access to the actual game code for Total War: Warhammer II and come up with The Laboratory, a place to explore so many of your weirdest Warhammer fantasies. Oh, and it’s free when it releases on 14th December, because even rats are in the giving mood at this time of year.

A bespoke offshoot to the game’s Battle mode, it’s a playground of sliders allowing you to tinker with tons of different variables, whether it’s ramping up unit sizes, making single entity units ludicrously big, turning down gravity, or fiddling with recharge rates and magic availability. Get all the details of what you can mess with here in Total War’s FAQ.

There’s a lot to mess about it, but beware that this can and will absolutely murder your PC if you push things too far. This is really meant for high-performance PCs, and has been developed in partnership with Intel, though AMD will obviously work with the mode as well.

Have fun experimenting, just don’t get too high on the warpstone, OK?

Source: Total War

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