Stardew Valley Vita Port Is Coming But Won’t Have Multiplayer Update

The Stardew Valley developers have released a status update regarding the game’s upcoming multiplayer feature, as well as the Vita port of the game. The good news is that the Vita version is on schedule to release in 2018, and furthermore it will be a cross-buy title so if you already own the PS4 version then you should get the handheld version for no extra cost.

The bad news is that the multiplayer update will not be compatible with the Vita. In further news the multiplayer beta has also been postponed until Q1 2018. In terms of multiplayer content marriage between players is being worked on, while festivals have been completed. Additional language support will come to Stardew Valley in 2018 too with French, Italian, Korean and Turkish options being added.

Source: Stardew Valley Official Site

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  1. For me at least this is just a bit too late for the Vita, I’d rather get it on Switch even if it’s a bit more expensive. Great to see a top notch game releasing on the handheld though, it’s still a really good bit of kit.

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