MediEvil Is Getting A 4K Remaster For PlayStation 4

Sony have loved to play on people’s nostalgia over the last few years with a handful of new games being commissioned in well loved series, but primarily with remasters of cult classics from the PSP, PS2 and PS1. Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy has been by far the most successful of the lot, and so it makes sense that another beloved classic from the 90s gets a similar treatment.

No, it’s now Spyro, but Sir Daniel Fortesque of MediEvil fame.

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  1. Well that was ‘revealling’… Nnnnnot! I’m pretty certain that Sony look at their lineup the night before and think ‘hmmm… I think we need something else… what Classic game can we tell them we’re remaking this time?… yes that will do.’

    Can’t believe Spyro isn’t officially in the works :-/

  2. I wouldn’t mind Croc remastered. Used to love that game.
    Never really played Medieval back in the day so I guess next year will be my chance.
    Shocked that spyro wasn’t the reveal.

  3. Nice one. Nostalgia and a good game. What’s not to like?

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