Catherine Full Body Heading To PS4 And Vita

The relationship gets more complex.

Atlus is bringing Catherine to PS4 and PS Vita in an updated version of the PS3 title, with this edition being called Catherine Full Body. It’s not just a straight port of the original game either as a third Catherine will be introduced to the story, which in turn means new story scenes and events for the player to experience as they navigate relationships with all three Catherines.

There’s not much more information available about Catherine Full Body yet with Atlus holding a livestream on December 22nd, while Famitsu is stating that its next issue will have details on what players can expect. There’s no confirmation of a worldwide release yet, but it isn’t out of the question.

Source: PersonaCentral

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  1. First game I’ve been excited about for ages. Really loved it on ps3.

  2. Loved the idea of this game, but I was too thick to play it, I could never finish the levels!

    • I played on easy difficulty. It’s worth it, great game, lots of fun.

  3. Great. I’ll have to try and finish it this time.

    • Same. Tried so many times and refused to play it on easy. Will probably do the same again this time.

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