What We Played #337 – AC Origins, Destiny 2 & Doki Doki Literature Club

It’s CHRISTMAS! Or it so very nearly is. Those console or game-shaped boxes are so close to being unwrapped you can almost smell the cellophane. But, there’s one more weekend to go. Can I suggest the Monster Hunter World open beta? If you didn’t take a shot the first time round, it’s well worth taking a look at what is likely to be one of January’s highlights!

I’ve been playing Gears of War 3 on my Xbox One X, and it looks like a brand new game. OK, it’s ‘just’ Gears of War 3, but I’ve had a ton of fun playing it again. Besides that, there’s been some Forza 7 and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, which so far seems well deserving of all the awards we’ve been lavishing on it this week.

Dave was the first one to chip in with what he played, having reviewed Gorogoa, played Fallout 4 VR for his write up, and also delved into The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth on Vive, even though you can play on PC.

It’s been back to Nine Parchments for Steve, who’s also killed some time (and re-killed some of the living dead) in Dead Rising 4 on PS4. There was a spot of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, but he’s been caught up in the stop-start nature of the tutorials at the start of the game. Coming out of our Game of the Year discussions, there’s been some Doki Doki Literature Club, which Miguel’s constantly been banging on about, and What Remains of Edith Finch.

Speaking of Miguel, he’s started playing Breath of the Wild again on Switch, finally got around to trying out the bizarre and wonderful Jazzpunk, and has been enjoying communal gaming with friends in games like Metal Slug X, Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 7.

Someone who is sadly Switch-less is Jake, who’s had to send it in to Nintendo for repairs. Hopefully he has a Merry Switchmas with its return, but in the meantime he’s been playing loads of Star Wars Battlefront II’s campaign, dipped into Destiny 2’s snow The Dawning event, and been playing Pokémon Go on his commutes. The weather and the new Gen 3 Pokémon have dragged him back in.

Jim’s been flat out, so not had much time for gaming. Even so, he dabbled with Wartile, dusted off his Vita for Undertale and spent time playing Star Wars Force Arena, which is a mini-MOBA akin to Clash Royale.

Tuff’s played Destiny 2, but his real obsession is still Sky Force, which he’s played on both PS4 and PS Vita. Aran’s been enjoying Shooty Fruity in VR this past week, and been doing side quests in AC Origins.

Mopping up quests in Assassin’s Creed Origins has also been Ade’s gaming for the week, though he’s much closer to being done with the game than Aran is. He’s also dressed Bayek up like a “Power Rangers Ninja”. After all our chat during Game of the Year, he’s finally bought and downloaded Horizon Zero Dawn and is looking forward to getting stuck into.


Kris has been enjoying having an Xbox again, as it means he gets to play the Halo 5 campaign, but the real highlight of the week was playing Roll7’s upcoming game Laser League in a tournament and coming through it all as MVP!

Finally, Tef’s butted his head up against a wall for Destiny 2’s Raid Lair, where his team simply couldn’t get over the line on Monday night to beat the boss. He’s also dabbled with Fortnite, but prefers the overall feel of PUBG, has completed the wonderful Life Is Strange: Before The Storm (but not written about it yet) and has been sucked back in by Pokémon Go’s recent updates.

How about you? What’s the last seven days of gaming entailed? Are you looking forward to a long weekend of Christmas?

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  1. Looking forward to some thoughts on the Life Is Sttange expansion Tef, hurry up :)
    I’ve been playing a helluva lot of Battlefront 2. I’ve managed to buy a lot of loot crates and rocketed my troop and ship levels which is making the game more interesting. The new maps, characters and daily challenges are great but I’m finding my kills towards the daily goals don’t all register, anyone else struggling with that?
    I’ve also sunk a few hours into Unbox on the Switch. It’s great fun but, before yesterday, was hampered badly by its awful graphics. It was like playing a fuzzy N64 game but with the text and icons from something modern, it was really offputtingly distracting. Yesterday though Prospect patched it up to 720p in handheld mode and it now looks much sharper, I’d prefer less motion blur and a bit more detail but it’s great to see such a leap forward. Definitely worth a punt since it’s half price and it’s a lot of fun, a good throwback to Rare style platforming.

    • Does BF2 do that thing of counting kills and assists together in some statistics? I forget. Might be you need to get the final hit, but if you only got the first 99% it doesn’t count to the challenge, but does to your end of match report.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s only kills rather than assists for these goals and good point about the final hit, after a bit of research it seems that if you do most of the damage (before the enemies health starts replenishing) you get the kill. I noticed last night when going for 50 starfighter kills that they were clocking up the game after I earned them, so maybe the stat is just delayed by so many minutes that the kills don’t appear on the loading screen immediately after the game, but are eventually registering? Either way, got the challenge done :)

  2. Got addicted to South Park and finished that off surprisingly quickly. Funnier than the last few series of the show. And hopefully all the Tweek and Craig yaoi upset a few idiots.

    And after all that business about the difficulty being tied to your characters race, you can’t get all the trophies if you’re black. So I changed colour and got another platinum.

    Also, I might have mentioned Accounting+ already today.

  3. Mostly Destiny 2 again. A little bit of progress through pve on Fortnite, at base power 40 now.

    I’ll be getting back into gt sport now the sp update is out.
    God damn I forgot to get HZD in the sale, now the sale has moved on so I’ll be waiting longer for that game again.

    • Same here, but I thought HZD would be on sale until tomorrow for some reason. One less add-on for my backlog…

    • Towards the end of my free Netflix month it got a bit difficult, but I finally managed to watch 5 full seasons of The Walking Dead in one month. They’re excellent, enjoyed them a lot. But there should be a trophy for that.

      • Well, that was no reply, of course…

      • Love TWD but you should probably stop watching there. Barring a few great episodes, the show starts to nosedive in season six, seven and eight.

        The show runner needed to quit two seasons ago but he just won’t let go, so he’s bringing the show down with him. It’s a real shame.

  4. Grabbed a few bargains I’ve been switching between. FIFA 17 (always a year behind!), Modern Warfare Remastered & Lego Ninjago. Enjoying all of them!

  5. Completed what is possibly the most dreadful game ever made… Dead Synchronicity. If you like point and click games and feeling depressed, you might like it.

    Slowly working my way to 100% completion in Lego Marvel Superheroes 2. Such a grind. I didn’t mind the game at first but having completed the main story levels and all the side missions, I think this is probably the most uninspired Lego game for a long time. I think the kids would have been happier with a character pack (containing the new Spidey suits and baby Groot) for the original Superheroes game. It sure would have been cheaper and less time consuming. Ugh.

    78.9%… must… keep… going…

  6. Not much game time for me this week. Played a bit of Super Mario 3D world with the wife and kids, and that’s about it.

  7. I got my Platinum #74 with Pyre, a really impressive game, was loving every minute of it! And then I got the plat in Smite as #75, my very first Ultra Rare Platinum with a 0,1% rarity. Granted, it is a free to play title, so player base numbers obviously are bloated, nevertheless I feel a bit proud :)

  8. Just a little Skyrim VR this week. As my workload increases each xmas (no – i’m not Santa :) ) i tend to wind down my gaming and switch to more passive entertainment like movies.

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